Tomer Tagrin
CEO and Co-founder of Yotpo
May 10th, 2023

Drive more sales and retain shoppers for life with top-converting, highly personalized emails.

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At our biggest event of the year, Retain Forward, we introduced the newest addition to Yotpo’s retention marketing platform.

Meet Yotpo Email: your new favorite email marketing solution, enabling eCommerce brands to create captivating, multichannel experiences that keep shoppers coming back.

Yotpo Email Marketing

The best part? It’s perfectly connected to Yotpo SMS and backed by the full strength of the Yotpo platform. With your two most powerful channels in one place, it’s time to take retention — and revenue — to the next level.

Why is now the right time to re-evaluate your email marketing solution?

Yotpo Email offers a holistic approach to retention; with a connected email marketing solution that drives engagement throughout the entire buyer journey, you can easily foster stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your audiences.

Eighty percent of eCommerce brands already use email marketing as a primary retention channel to build long-lasting customer relationships. But with email separate from your SMS marketing, loyalty program, subscriptions, and more, you’re often left with disjointed customer data and therefore a disjointed customer experience.

Why would you risk leaving revenue on the table and settle for one-time shoppers, when you could have more?

It’s time to re-evaluate your email marketing.

It’s time for Yotpo Email.

What’s so special about Yotpo Email?

We’ve been tirelessly innovating to provide a best-in-class solution that is intuitive, easy to use, and connected at every customer touchpoint to help you exceed their ever-changing expectations. With over 2,500 brands actively using Yotpo Email and over 500 million emails sent across the customer journey so far, you too can now design unique engagements that not only drive revenue, but bring customers back time and time again.

Deeper segmentation

With one true view of the customer, connected across the entire Yotpo platform, we empower brands to better understand customer behavior, identify more opportunities to engage them, and tailor those engagements for higher impact. Access all of your data in one place, and unlock even more data points with Yotpo Loyalty, Reviews, and Subscriptions to create truly one-of-a-kind shopping experiences.

Yotpo Email Marketing

Personalized interactions

Think beyond merge tags to create more personalized emails at every turn. With AI-powered product recommendations tailored to each subscriber, dynamic loyalty statuses that drive each customer to engage, and so much more, you can show your customers you really know them and drive higher engagement one email at a time.

Powerful SMS & email orchestration

Approach every shopper in the most seamless, meaningful way along the path to purchase: at the right time, with the right message, on their preferred channel. Orchestrate the perfect multichannel experience informed by your engagement data, triggering timely, personalized texts and emails (without extra work!) and clearly tracking revenue from each source.

Eye-catching emails that stand out in the inbox

Yotpo Email Marketing

With so much competition for customer attention, your emails need to be stronger than the ones beside them. With Yotpo Email, all it takes is a few clicks to create on-brand, high-converting email marketing campaigns and automations, giving you time back to focus on what matters most: your retention strategy. Add engaging content in seconds using various customizable elements (like our exclusive Canva integration), all built to help you design revenue-driving emails faster than ever.

Save up to 40% annually

Email shouldn’t be expensive. With Yotpo Email, you only pay for the emails you send and get 10,000 free emails in each billing cycle! Enjoy transparent, flexible pricing plans with no hidden fees and no unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

And in case you were wondering, everything you need from your current email service provider is covered. From multichannel subscriber collection tools, to automated flows and events in the buyer journey, to detailed analytics that help you track your revenue per channel and optimize your email marketing program — Yotpo Email has it all.

Even so, we know that migrating to a new email provider can be a daunting task. To make migration a breeze, we built a thoughtful process to take all the heavy lifting off your shoulders and set you up for success, without interruption to your email revenue. From importing your subscribers and migrating your revenue-driving flows and email designs, to white-glove service through domain warming and deliverability best practices, our dedicated team will ensure you get started on the right foot.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Brands are already raving about Yotpo Email

Email marketing that increases returning customer rate, not just revenue

Body care and natural cosmetics company Fat and the Moon was one of the first brands to switch to Yotpo Email and benefit from having SMS and email under one roof, alongside Loyalty, Reviews, and Subscriptions. And with the full Yotpo platform driving their marketing strategy, they’ve seen their returning customer rate nearly double.

Yotpo Email Marketing

Fat and the Moon’s email marketing strategy aims to build stronger customer relationships by providing value, such as through sharing educational content, recipes, and information about the plants they use for their products. With this strategy, they’ve built a loyal community of customers who even reply to the brand’s emails to share their feedback and excitement.

Fat and the Moon’s SMS strategy complements this. Leveraging the channel’s immediacy in tandem with email, the brand texts customers in real time based on their behavior and actions (such as changes to loyalty status or abandoned carts), while capturing attention instantly with timely promotions like dedicated sales and key product releases.

Email marketing that strengthens your entire marketing strategy

Contemporary fashion line Chaser Brand is also leveraging Yotpo SMS & Email to create captivating, multichannel customer experiences. They were impressed not only by how quick and seamless the transition process was, but also by the incredible results they were seeing: over 107x ROI from email marketing and a significant boost in loyalty program engagement in the first few months after switching to Yotpo Email. After migrating one of their brands from a leading email provider to Yotpo, they soon migrated their other brands too.

Yotpo Email Marketing

Email marketing that drives ROI, but also saves you time

Streetwear and footwear brand Jawns on Fire is yet another brand seeing mind-blowing results from having both SMS and email together with Yotpo. Since switching from one of the largest email providers to Yotpo Email, they’ve seen more than 346x ROI from their email marketing campaigns and 410x ROI from triggered flows.

Yotpo Email Marketing

What’s next for Yotpo Email?

Yotpo Email is a highly effective email marketing solution enabling Shopify brands of all sizes to engage with customers at the most crucial steps of their buyer journey and increase sales.

As technology and eCommerce continue to evolve, we’ll always be one step ahead. We’re committed to building a deeper understanding of how your customers engage with email and SMS marketing, and innovating on next-level orchestration for your biggest impact.

But the innovation won’t stop there. We will continue to bring you the best an email marketing solution can offer — more tailored emails, more actionable analytics and insights, and more features that save you time, so that you can drive both revenue and retention with ease.

Join us on this journey and see how far you can go.

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