Last updated on October 10, 2023

Mariya Arabadzhieva-Todorova
Content Marketing Specialist @ Yotpo
May 11th, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce is here to stay. Get on board and get smarter about your email and SMS marketing.

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When OpenAI announced their latest iteration of ChatGPT, a conversational model, it set the internet on fire; here was a tool that could generate copy quickly and in an exceptionally human way. Alongside other recent, flashy Artificial Intelligence innovations, the world has been buzzing about the possibilities.

There’s much that still needs to be discovered and developed around specific tools like ChatGPT, but on the eCommerce side, one thing is certain: AI will continue to unlock opportunities for marketers that help them deliver stronger, higher-performing experiences for customers.

And luckily for marketers, there are already solutions that can bring intelligence and impact to your strategies (and save hours of work, too!). In fact, Yotpo SMS & Email’s AI-driven solutions can answer the questions brands of all sizes ask themselves every day: How do we offer the right products to the right people at the right time? And how do we do so in an efficient way?

With the help of our AI Copy Assistant, AI-powered product recommendations, predictive segmentation, and smart scheduling features, eCommerce brands can seamlessly provide meaningful email and SMS marketing experiences, save precious time, and drive more conversions than ever before. Here’s how to leverage them to start sending smarter texts and emails to your audience.

Text smartly

The first step of creating a winning SMS campaign is writing a solid copy. Not sure where to start? With our built-in AI Copy Assistant for SMS, you’ll create top-converting messaging in just a few clicks.

Choose the topic, tone of voice, and whether you want to add a discount or specific keywords and let the AI Copy Assistant do its magic!

AI Copy Assistant for SMS

With this trusted assistant to guide you, you won’t need to worry about having writer’s block or if your creative copywriting is on point. Use the power of AI to create captivating SMS marketing messages in less time and with less effort than before.

Cross-sell smartly

Consumers today are overwhelmed with choices, especially online – there are so many great brands with billions of products to choose from. So how can you help shoppers discover just the right product for them?

AI-powered product recommendations can radically reshape how your customers shop, and how you target them. Similar to Netflix’s “Top Picks” or Amazon’s “Based on items you viewed” category, Yotpo SMS & Email’s enhanced cross-sell flow uses built-in AI algorithms to recommend products shoppers are most likely to buy next. By leveraging these highly relevant suggestions, you can more efficiently bring customers back to your store.

Forget about manually adding product suggestions to your SMS and email flows, having to guess what your customers might be interested in, and eventually sending all your subscribers the same cross-sell offer. Show the most enticing products to customers by analyzing their shopping behavior, purchase history, taste, and so much more. It’s quick, easy, and entirely on autopilot.

Yotpo SMS & Email

According to a Yotpo survey, more than half of consumers (54%) say they are more likely to make a purchase if the messages they receive are personalized. These AI-driven product recommendations allow for a whole new level of personalization, engaging each customer with an offer that perfectly matches their preferences based on previous purchases.

And a bonus for you – enjoy lower costs and higher ROI from each message you send, as you will only approach shoppers with highly-targeted and relevant offers.

Segment smartly

As acquisition costs continue to soar, more and more brands have realized the need for a solid retention strategy and started searching for solutions that will help keep their existing customers engaged and prevent losing them to competitors. Our secret weapon? Predictive segmentation.

With Yotpo SMS & Email’s predictive data points, such as: Likely to purchase and Likely to churn, you can target specific customer groups and influence their purchase decisions.

Our machine-learning algorithm analyzes historical purchase data to predict future behavior and identify customers who are likely to purchase or churn in the next 90 days.

Yotpo SMS & Email

Use these valuable insights to recognize key engagement opportunities and send timely and relevant offers:

  • Approach Likely-to-churn customers eligible for a rewards redemption and nudge them to come back to your store and use their points to make a purchase or provide a special discount.
  • Send Likely-to-purchase shoppers VIP exclusive offers or launch a holiday campaign where they can win double or triple loyalty points with every purchase.

PSD Underwear was one of the first Yotpo brands that saw the potential of predictive segmentation as part of their text marketing strategy and used it to provide their Likely-to-Purchase segment with early access to Labor Day sales.

AI-powered SMS solutions

Gian Singh, Director of eCommerce at PSD Underwear, spoke highly of the feature:

“With Yotpo SMS & Email’s predictive segmentation, we can ensure our customers are receiving the message because it’s relevant to something they’re interested in, what they’ve done before, or even what we predict they’re going to do.”

The key to delivering exceptional shopping experiences is to know your customers. With predictive segmentation, you can turn data into action to improve both short-term engagement and long-term brand loyalty.

Schedule smartly

Now that you have the perfect offer for just the right audience, you might wonder if there is a right time to send your message.

Leave it to Yotpo SMS & Email to take out the guesswork by showing you the best times to schedule your SMS campaigns. With the help of our AI-powered feature, you’ll know exactly how to plan and schedule your marketing messages for higher chances of conversion.

Yotpo SMS & Email

Our AI algorithms will provide you with data-driven suggestions based on industry benchmarks and your store’s historical data on which campaigns previously performed well and drove the highest ROI and which – well, not so much. This way, you can launch your campaigns faster and more confidently.

Leverage AI-driven eCommerce solutions with Yotpo SMS & Email

Artificial intelligence is not a thing of the future anymore, it’s already here. Brands can either hop on the train of AI-powered solutions and innovation or get left behind.

Yotpo SMS & Email helps businesses provide shoppers with the most relevant products at just the right time to influence purchase behavior and drive repeat sales. To see the power of AI-driven copywriting, personalized recommendations, predictive segmentation, and smart scheduling in action, chat with an expert today.

Disclaimer: This article was written by a living and breathing SMS marketer.

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