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The future of retention

What does it mean that Yotpo is now a retention marketing platform?

When it comes to a brand's sales, our mission is to make return shoppers a bigger piece of the pie.

A successful brand makes at least 50% of their sales from return shoppers. Our retention marketing platform enables brands to get there — and then some.


See the power of the platform

With loyalty, SMS, email, reviews, visual UGC, and subscriptions all in one place, Yotpo helps brands deliver the cohesive, captivating customer experiences that drive retention.

See what actually moves the needle when it comes to retention

With our Retention Dashboard, dive into customer segments and get actionable insights to drive CLTV and retention — all in one cohesive view.

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Always send the right message at the right time

With our new Flows Center, ensure that customers receive the right message at the right time via the right channel, and manage these automated messages with ease.

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Get a 360-degree view of your customers

Yotpo.EQ, our AI-powered segmentation tool, empowers brands to access, understand, and act upon their customer data like never before.

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Let your customers take the lead on their subscriptions

Managing subscriptions via SMS reduces churn and boosts recurring purchases. In two-way messages, customers can easily manage their upcoming subscriptions.

See it to believe it
Make loyalty redemptions seamless

Shorten the path to purchase and encourage loyalty redemptions by allowing customers to redeem directly from a link in a text. No login or account creation is required!

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of loyalty members will subscribe to SMS


ROI on abandoned cart flows with social proof


more loyalty redemptions from Click-to-Redeem


CLTV after launching Yotpo Subscriptions

"When brands use different tech stacks, their data lives on different platforms. With Yotpo, we have loyalty, subscriptions, and SMS users all in a single dashboard. That's the benefit of a single platform — and that's what a lot of merchants are missing out on when it comes to retention."

Logo Alejandra Salomon, Director of Retention

"Using all our Yotpo products together, we’ve seen a huge lift in returning customer rate (RCR). Before Yotpo, we had a 29% returning customer rate. Now, with Yotpo, we’re at 53% and counting."

Logo Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager

Unlock the latest Reviews enhancements

You asked and we listened: Discover what improvements we made to help you customize how your reviews are collected and displayed, and gather a deeper understanding of customer sentiment.

Customize the look and feel of your review request emails

Leverage our easy-to-use, intuitive email editor to create beautiful, on-brand review request emails that reinforce trust and encourage shoppers to submit reviews.

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Try our new and improved Reviews widget

Optimize site speed, SEO, and ADA compliance with our new Reviews widget. Customize the look and feel of your on-site reviews with our sleek, modern design.

Optimize now
Classify your reviews seamlessly

Categorize your reviews with premade or custom tags to organize your customer feedback and create reports that you can filter through.

Categorize your reviews
Set it and forget it with Automated Reports

Schedule automatic reports that notify you about significant changes to your star ratings so that you can take immediate action.

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Unlock access to Yotpo Insights

Analyze customer sentiment in more detail with Insights — our intuitive, AI-powered dashboard.

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"Having Yotpo Reviews, Subscriptions, and SMS all working synergistically together has absolutely taken our business to the next level."

Logo Kaben Kramer, CEO & Co-founder TenderlyRooted

Lift in visitor conversion rate


Increase in reviews per buyer


Average star rating


higher CVR on review requests sent via SMS vs. email

"Reviews help us not only acquire customers, but keep them in our community, because we can directly address their feedback and insights. We're always trying to drive brand loyalty and love through our retention strategy and by engaging our customers based on where they are in the lifecycle."

Logo Emma Standing, Director of eCommerce & Customer Experience Bubble Beauty

Discover the Yotpo Subscriptions difference

Sophisticated Subscription tools made easy. Brands should expect more. Subscribers deserve better.

Yotpo Subscriptions is natively built on Shopify

Yotpo Subscriptions was built natively on Shopify from day one. Your product catalog will automatically pull into Yotpo Subscriptions, allowing you to create plans and manage subscriptions with accuracy.

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Increase predictable revenue with prepaid subscriptions

Prepaid subscription plans have emerged as an effective way for eCommerce stores to generate predictable revenue streams and increase customer loyalty.

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Pair Yotpo SMS with Yotpo Subscriptions and increase subscribers

The synergy between Yotpo Subscriptions and Yotpo SMS allows you to turn boring transactional updates and messages into personalized touchpoints for your highest-value customers.

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Subscribe, reward, redeem — all in one place

Incentivize your subscribers with loyalty rewards that can be redeemed directly from their subscription portal.

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"You have to be not only convincing, but also convenient. Yotpo really nails that with all of the SMS and Subscriptions features they continue to come out with to make sure that the customer buying experience is as convenient as possible."

Logo Alejandra Salomon, Director of Retention

Subscription Market Annual Growth Rate


of subscribers continue to second order after redeeming points


of loyalty redemptions are coming from subscriptions portal


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

Standing at the forefront of SMS marketing innovation

Our latest SMS marketing features and advancements enable brands to create more powerful, personalized mobile experiences without the extra work.

Save time & send smarter SMS campaigns with AI Copy Assistant

Forget writer’s block — the AI Copy Assistant generates top-converting messages on your behalf! Just define your criteria, choose your favorite, schedule, and send.

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Expertly target your VIPs with ease

Condition any SMS or email flow based on 17 loyalty data points and choose from 14 loyalty shortcodes to treat high-value customers to the exclusive experiences they crave.

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Bring SMS & email together in one campaign view

The Campaign Portal is your one-stop-shop for SMS and email engagements. From campaign discovery to creation, management, and performance tracking, you can do it all in one place to maximize revenue from both channels.

Unify SMS & Email

We really partner with Yotpo on SMS strategy. There’s a lot of AI-powered segmentation that works with other Yotpo solutions, like reviews, loyalty, or subscriptions, so we can really segment so we know we’re not sending campaigns that will lead to churn.

Logo Alejandra Salomon, DIME Beauty

of marketers used SMS for retention last year


ROI from SMS marketing


increase in AOV from loyalty members subscribed to SMS


more orders from loyalty members subscribed to SMS

"Switching to a multi-channel platform and communicating with our customers via SMS and email has driven so much more engagement with our loyalty program."

Logo Phil Williams, Director of eCommerce & Growth Marketing

Email joins SMS as a powerhouse for customer retention

Take your email marketing to the next level and engage customers at every step with one-of-a-kind experiences that stand out in their inbox and keep them coming back.

Design emails that encourage loyalty program participation

Easily drag, drop, and customize the Loyalty Banner to personalize any email. We’ll do the rest — dynamically showing each subscriber the banner that matches their loyalty status, points balance, and more.

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Boost email conversion with powerful social proof

Hand-pick customer quotes to showcase in your emails via the Review Block, filtering by product and site reviews or searching for keywords to find exactly what you need to influence purchases.

Build trust
Unlock more email design tools with our exclusive Canva integration

With a simple click and drag, you can access Canva's unlimited banner and graphic styles without ever leaving the email editor — no need to manually upload or create styles from scratch.

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"With the transition to Yotpo Email, we had a dedicated team who fully replicated and rebuilt our previous templates, set up flows and conditions, and came prepared with a strategy to get us started without interruption to our content calendar."

Logo Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager

of brands use email to drive retention


brands choose Yotpo Email today


emails sent and counting


ROI from SMS & Email

"One thing I love about Yotpo email? The ROI is undeniable. We have over 100x ROI with email marketing since starting with Yotpo Email last year, and that’s driven significantly from our powerful email flows."

logo Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager

Marketer-friendly loyalty is now a reality

We completely rethought and redesigned our loyalty solution, making it easy, simple, and effective for brands and their customers.

Manage and evolve your program rewards with ease

With our new Rewards page, keep your program offerings fresh and exciting. The market is moving fast, but our redesign ensures you can captivate customers in the long-term.

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Ditch the campaign guessing game

Not sure which loyalty campaigns make the most sense for your brand? We've got you covered; our new Earning Rules design makes it easy to choose the campaigns best suited for your brand and business goals.

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Boost program awareness throughout the customer journey

Where your customer goes, our Rewards Sticky Bar follows. Across the brands using this new feature, we’ve seen a 50% increase in loyalty redemption rate.

Why Loyalty?
Reward redemptions at checkout just got easier

With our new Checkout Extension, you can keep pace with Shopify’s checkout redesign. Customers can redeem with ease, including via accelerated checkout experiences like ShopPay.

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Let customers redeem beyond the checkout page too

When it comes to redemptions, we’re also thinking outside the box. Let your customers redeem via text, email, and on their subscriptions with our solution updates.

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Our loyalty customers are coming back 3x more than our non-loyalty customers. And, 70% of our loyalty members are also subscribed to our SMS program. Having that communication channel with our most loyal customers has been a game changer for us.

Logo Alejandra Salomon, Director of Retention



increase in RPR among loyalty redeemers


revenue among loyalty redeemers


In purchases among loyalty redeemers

"Yotpo has given us the tools to create so many additional touchpoints where we can communicate with our customers in a way that adds value for them and drives additional revenue for us."

Logo Curtis Ulrich, Director of eCommerce