Olivia McNaughten
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
January 15th, 2019

Empowering Ad Campaigns With Customer Content

Our brand new integration with AdRoll boosts ad campaign engagement and drives traffic to your site by leveraging your best customer reviews.

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In the battle for consumer attention online, the brands that can build trust while smartly targeting shoppers are uniquely positioned to win.

However, with so much noise in digital advertising, creating an eye-catching ad has become a serious challenge. Enhancing your creative with social proof, like customer reviews, not only makes your ads stand out, but also gives shoppers the extra boost of confidence they need to continue to purchase.

Our new integration with AdRoll is designed to allow brands to do exactly that: enhance web and Google Display Network ads with top customer ratings and reviews that appear alongside the product image. Brands that used the Adroll and Yotpo integration for AI-driven ad creative saw a 3x increase in CTR.

yotpo adroll integration

How it works: Intelligently incorporate your best reviews

Yotpo’s AdRoll integration leverages advanced AI technology to automatically populate your Dynamic Display Ad templates with product images matched with your best reviews and ratings for that product. Not only that, but using Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis, Yotpo extracts the most informative and positive sentences from those reviews, fueling the ads with the excerpts that have the highest potential to convert.

Whether you’re targeting new audiences or retargeting past browsers, the integration allows you to enhance your campaigns with eye-catching star ratings and trust-building reviews that will encourage shoppers to purchase. Dynamic social proof is especially impactful in retargeting campaigns, giving past browsers the final bit of social proof that will prompt them to buy the product they’ve been eyeing.

yotpo adroll integration

The Yotpo & AdRoll integration in action

yotpo adroll integration

After integrating their AdRoll and Yotpo accounts, clean supplement company eBoost’s eCommerce Manager Giva Bivona said that “having the ability to harness our reviews with prospective customers through this method has already resulted in a substantial increase in CTR…this process took just minutes and there was immediate lift!”

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