Last updated on June 1, 2023

Rosa Hu
VP of Product Marketing at Yotpo
November 10th, 2021 | 6 minutes read

Get the inside scoop on all the new product releases and updates announced at Yotpo Tech Talk, including a new integration with Facebook.

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On November 10, 2021, we kicked off the inaugural event in our new quarterly product series, Yotpo Tech Talk. The event featured an open forum for attendees to participate and ask questions about the releases, updates, and announcements covered by Yotpo product experts.

What did we announce?

Yotpo Reviews Syndication for Shops on Facebook and Instagram

Syndicating Yotpo Reviews to Shops enables brands to accelerate sales, build immediate credibility, and increase the quantity of reviews and reviewed products.

Yotpo is now an integration partner for Reviews Syndication onto Shops on Facebook and Instagram. Reviews syndicated to Shops can minimize barriers to purchase on Facebook and Instagram, and can even help drive traffic back to your brand’s eCommerce site.

Learn more about Reviews syndication to Facebook and Instagram Shops here.

SMS Marketing Campaign Planner & Templates

Marketers are busy. Our new SMS Campaign Planner and Templates make it easy to stay on top of the highest-converting calendar events of the year with engaging, pre-built copy.

We know that SMS is a new channel both for marketers and consumers, and we also know that marketers are busy wearing many different hats at all times. We’re dedicated to continuously developing features that make it as easy for brands to build connections via mobile — and that starts with planning. So, we introduced the new SMS Campaign Planner and SMS Templates.

Our Campaign Planner displays upcoming calendar events that are typically top performers for SMS marketing messages, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Earth Day, and Valentine’s Day. Every event includes a pre-built campaign draft with customizable text copy and a recommended scheduling date and time for a quick and seamless campaign creation process.

New SMS templates are built to equip brands with high-performing message recommendations that drive revenue. Brands with Yotpo SMS & Email now have access to our built-in library of ready-to-use templates divided into high-intent categories, including templates for holiday events, sales, product launches, and SMS-only offers. Brands have full customization capabilities to reflect their unique voice and tone in the messages they choose to drive highly personalized experiences for customers.

Learn more about SMS Campaign Planner and SMS Templates here.

SMS Marketing Performance Analytics

To best meet the needs of mobile consumers, brands need to have a deep understanding of their customers’ preferences. Our new dashboards can help.

It’s imperative to understand why your customers are behaving the way there are. Which SMS messages had the highest click-through rates? The highest conversion rate? The highest ROI? And how do my results compare across channels? 

Knowing the answer to the above questions (and more) can enable your brand to continually optimize to give customers the SMS experiences they prefer — but to know these answers, you need access to the right insights and data.

Our new Subscriber Collection Analytics Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of SMS subscriber growth. Now, users can drill down to understand which sources drive the most subscribers, monitor subscriber growth per country, and view the performance of every subscriber collection tool to make easy to compare periods and make adjustments.

In addition, the new Campaign and Flow Analytics Dashboards give brands the ability to track critical message metrics in real time, including revenue, cost, click-through rate, conversion rate, and ROI, and brands can monitor the results of A/B tests to better understand performance. We know attributing revenue can be complex, but our new revenue tracking settings mirror the logic used across your tech stack, making it easy to customize settings based on time, length, strategy, and reporting efforts.

Learn more about the new SMS Performance Analytics Dashboards here.

New SMS & Email Connected Subscriber Profiles

Brands need to provide a cohesive experience for their customers by maximizing the potential of every touchpoint on every channel — including email and SMS.

To enable brands to create those seamless experiences, we’re making it easy to collect both email & SMS subscribers in one touchpoint to maximize subscriber collection across channels. With the connected data between Yotpo & Shopify as a result of our new partnership, Yotpo SMS & Email now automatically syncs all new SMS and email subscribers directly into Shopify Customer profiles, providing both phone numbers and emails in a single customer view to unlock real-time sync and orchestration with all supported email marketing platforms on Shopify. 

Plus, brands can auto-tag customers via Shopify Customer Tags to better create highly engaging and personalized experiences across channels. So, while your brand focuses on maximizing growth, we take care of ensuring your subscriber data syncs with the tools you know and love. 

Learn more about the benefits of leveraging SMS & email together here.

New Loyalty Synergies with SMS Marketing

Emotional loyalty is the strongest driver of retention, enrichment, and advocacy. Our new Loyalty & SMS synergies help strengthen that connection.

We know how important it is for eCommerce brands to build connections with customers. Brands build the foundations of loyalty through recognition, and these moments make customers feel special.

To enable brands to seamlessly strengthen their Loyalty strategy, we’ve released cross-product synergies between Yotpo SMS & Email and Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals that combine loyalty data and events with your SMS channel, allowing brands to craft more intelligent marketing strategies for their loyalty program. 

By rewarding customers for opting in to SMS, brands can transform your most loyal customers into SMS subscribers. We’ve integrated subscriber collection directly into the rewards page experience to create a frictionless experience that allows loyalty members to simply click the loyalty campaign to subscribe.

Throughout a customer’s loyalty journey, you’ll be able to send personalized messages based on loyalty event triggers, like VIP tier upgrades, birthday rewards, points reminders, and points redemption updates. And, by driving shoppers to engage with loyalty campaigns, your brand can increase program participation, and most importantly, repeat purchases.

Plus, your brand can now use loyalty data to personalize your texts to increase engagement. Let VIP tier members know they’re close to leveling up, or invite new members to take a quiz for extra points. SMS marketing maximizes the value of a loyalty program by leveraging the sense of urgency that a text evokes.

Learn more about the benefits of SMS & Loyalty working together here.