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Michelle Bitran
Head of Content @ Yotpo
December 14th, 2017

Introducing an email course from the best in the business.

Table Of Contents

Once your brand has risen to success, the next battle is scaling sustainably.

Since this is a challenge that even the strongest brands struggle with, we decided to reach out to the eCommerce heavyweights who’ve already cracked the code to the next growth stage. This new email course features their strategies for building a booming brand.

A Curated Course For Great Brands

Get never-before-seen insights from the top Shopify Plus experts, partners and brands in 6 lessons over 6 weeks, delivered straight to your inbox. Learn about email marketing from Oracle + Bronto, vCommerce branding from MVMT, on-site experience from BVAccel, and more.

What You’ll Find Inside:

Lesson 1: How to Nail Multi-channel Customer Experience

Shopify Plus Editor-in-Chief Aaron Orendorff deep dives into the strategies for taking your brand multi-channel without compromising customer satisfaction. Find out about the two most effective approaches to multi-channel scaling, and get the must-know info to avoid falling into the trap that kills customer experience.

Lesson 2: Building an Email Marketing Powerhouse at Scale

Oracle + Bronto Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst Greg Zakowicz gives you the knowledge to keep your email campaigns creative, relevant, and effective as you grow. Get the critical tips for making your email strategy as strong as your brand.

Lesson 3: Crafting a Tailored Shopper Experience On Site

BVAccel CEO Jonathan Poma delves into the details that set the best eCommerce sites apart from the crowd. Learn how to incorporate your buyer experience into every aspect of your website, from concept to construction.

Lesson 4: Brand Commerce in a Post-Amazon World

Yotpo CEO Tomer Tagrin covers the fundamentals of Brand-Building 2.0. Find out what it takes to grow a thriving brand in a world where competing with Amazon on price and fulfillment is impossible. Learn how your customers can be the driving force behind a cult-status brand.

Lesson 5: Scaling a Vertical Commerce Brand Through Community

MVMT Watches CEO Jake Kassan shares how he grew a must-have Millennial brand into more than just another vCommerce upstart brand. Get his advice on community-building and nurturing brand advocacy to propel sustainable scaling.

Lesson 6: The Next Wave of Visual Marketing

Pura Vida Bracelets CEO Griffin Thall goes beyond the standard visual marketing wisdom to share insight on how to develop your brand image as the heart of your growth strategy. Learn how to take everything from your Instagram page to your blog and emails to the next visual plane.

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