Josh Enzer
VP, Product Marketing @ Yotpo
July 29th, 2020

This Change to Google Shopping Makes Working With a Trusted Google Partner Essential

As Google Shopping moves to become a one-stop shop from discovery to purchase, having the ability to showcase your reviews via a trusted Google partner has become essential. 

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Earlier this year, Google announced that merchants would now be able to sell for free on Google Shopping, making it easier for brands to showcase their entire product catalog to the millions of shoppers frequenting the platform. About a week ago, Google made another major announcement. They introduced commission-free checkout with Buy on Google, as well as new Shopify and Paypal integrations. This means that your customers can now discover and buy your products all from within the Google Shopping platform.

Here’s everything you need to know:

The announcement

Buy On Google, which is now commission-free, enables customers to purchase directly from brands without ever leaving Google Shopping or heading back to the brand’s site. By making it commission-free, brands will no longer have to pay a fee for product purchases made on Google Shopping.

Additionally, Google Shopping merchants will soon be able to connect and manage their inventory without having to reformat any data. Brands that use Shopify or Paypal to process payments can now do so on Buy on Google as well, making it easier for brands to get started using the tools already working for their businesses.

These changes support Google’s goal of creating a more accessible, user-friendly eCommerce marketplace, where shoppers can easily discover and purchase products all in one place.

How to be successful using Buy on Google: don’t sacrifice your hard-earned reviews

With Buy on Google, the goal for brands shifts from “how can I drive a customer back to my site to make a sale?” to “how can I make a sale without a customer ever actually visiting my site?”

The best and most effective way to accomplish this is by working with a Trusted Google Reviews Partner, like Yotpo to display your reviews, star ratings, and customer photos on Google Shopping. If a customer no longer has the opportunity to see this influential content on your site, it’s essential that they be able to see it from within Google Shopping.

Being able to showcase your user-generated content on Google Shopping means you can still give shoppers the unique, personalized experience they would normally have on your site — all while building credibility and trust in your brand, and, ultimately, driving purchases directly within the Google Shopping platform.

Moreover, because Buy on Google enables shoppers to compare products much more easily, reviews, star ratings, and customer photos become even more critical differentiators for brands throughout the discovery phase as well as the decision-making phase.

The main takeaway

To successfully showcase your user-generated content on Google Shopping, you need to make sure you’re collecting reviews, ratings, and photos through a Trusted Google Reviews Partner, like Yotpo, or your shoppers might never see the content at all. Our partnership with Google allows brands to feature star ratings, reviews, and Yotpo-generated customer photos in their Google Shopping Ads and Google Shopping Product Listings. Just ensure that your brand’s product catalog in Yotpo contains the same identifiers as in your Google Product Listing feed, like GTIN or MPN & Brand.

You can learn more about how to get started with Yotpo reviews here.

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