Michelle Bitran
Managing Editor @ Yotpo
November 25th, 2018

The 5 Most Creative Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Get inspired by these engaging and entertaining seasonal campaigns.

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During the biggest shopping season of the year, most eCommerce businesses are too busy dealing with the practicalities of holiday prep to think outside the box and create a unique marketing campaign.

But with a projected $123.4 billion in online sales on the table over November and December alone, brands can’t afford to let the opportunity go and risk missing out on masses of new traffic who can become loyal customers over the new year.

So, we rounded up some of the strongest and most creative holiday campaigns we’ve seen yet to give you some seasonal inspiration.

1) L.L.Bean spreads cheer with puppies

holiday marketing campaigns

Sometimes the best way to resonate with your customers is by showing you care about the things they love most — in this case, their dogs. L.L.Bean runs an annual holiday Instagram campaign called #12DaysofPuppies, inviting their followers to share sweet photos of their dogs for the chance to be featured and win a giftcard. Since most dog owners love sharing pictures of their furry friends, this contest is the perfect opportunity to collect a ton of user-generated content while promoting a branded hashtag.

2) Food52 gathers cookies from around the world

holiday marketing campaigns

If there’s anything sweeter than puppies, it’s probably cookies. Food52 and its online homeware store created a holiday cookie map, celebrating the diversity of their readership. The interactive Cookies of the World map features recipes from 46 different cultures, many of them including short anecdotes about their origin. This project is a great way to encourage customer engagement and to ensure social sharing. Not only that, the end result is an evergreen resource that future customers and fans can use.

3) Spotify draws attention with data

holiday marketing campaigns

Last year, Spotify reframed their popular 2016 campaign featuring quirky customer data, making an end-of-year campaign titled “2018 Goals.” They put up humorous billboards with phrases including “Take a page from the 3,445 people who streamed the ‘Boozy Brunch’ playlist on a Wednesday this year.”

While some users found the use of anonymous data disturbing, most found the campaign funny and eye-catching. Using your customers’ behavior to create a connection and drive community around your product can help build stronger relationships with your brand. In Spotify’s case, the campaign paid off big time and their Q1 revenue tripled.

4) HotelTonight understands your family drama

holiday marketing campaigns

Accommodation booking app HotelTonight launched a viral holiday campaign suggesting people “visit, don’t stay” with their families and book a hotel nearby instead. They used humor to show they understand the common struggle of dealing with quirky and overbearing family over the holidays.

Adding to the already popular campaign, HotelTonight invited users to explain their own reasons for avoiding lodging with family. The winning story was rewarded with HotelTonight credits. HotelTonight hit it out of the park by being relatable, funny, and getting their customers involved.

5) Oreo keeps things colorful with the “Colorfilled” campaignholiday marketing campaigns

The world’s best-selling cookie introduced customizable packaging for the holidays as part of a direct-to-consumer push. The #Colorfilled campaign allowed Oreo customers to choose package designs online and digitally color them in to create a personalized holiday gift. Shoppers also had the option to color in the wrapping paper by hand once the package arrived.

Not only did this campaign create a closer, fun relationship with customers for a brand that was traditionally a wholesaler, but it also presented the ideal opportunity for cookie fans to share their one-of-a-kind designs on social.

Top Takeaways

While there are endless possibilities to create unique, engaging holiday campaigns, the ones featured in this post zeroed in on some of the ingredients most likely to result in a successful one:

  • Make your holiday campaign shareable
  • Get your customers to participate (and create!)
  • Use humor whenever possible

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