Last updated on December 14, 2022

Giving your shoppers a chance to custom-design your products — whether they’re choosing the colour, fabric, or shape — creates a stronger emotional attachment to your brand.

Across industries, from food & beverage to apparel, shoppers are continually expressing a desire to be a part of product creation.

  • 25-30% of online shoppers are interested in customization options
  • Interaction with a product during customization often leads shoppers to purchase, even if they weren’t originally planning to
  • Customized designs provide inspiring content for shoppers to share with one another

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Real Example
With MiAdidas, the iconic sportswear brand allows shoppers to choose virtually any shoe and completely customize the colors used. Site visitors are invited to share their designs on social or to save them. The popular campaign has produced nearly 40,000 user-generated Instagram posts alongside numerous unboxing videos. Not only that, but the concept of custom-created kicks also falls right in line with the brand’s latest #HereToCreate campaign, which celebrates the creativity of athletes.

While MiAdidas is already super successful, Adidas could take it to the next level by showcasing Instagram photos of customized sneakers on the product pages themselves. This way, shoppers will have added inspiration to get creative and share their shoes.