Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
February 13th, 2020

With Add-to-Cart, Shopify Brands Streamline Purchases

Visual UGC galleries that are not only beautiful to browse — they’re engineered to convert.

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The value of a visual UGC gallery on your brand’s site is undeniable. Consumers who view visual UGC spend 90% more time on site than shoppers who don’t, so it’s clear that this influential customer content is no longer a feature that’s nice-to-have — it’s essential. 

But, there’s a catch.

Shoppers may be inspired by this visual content, but they’re often leaving the site before reaching a product page. Without a clear path to take them from browsing to buying, shoppers are ending their journey without the most crucial component: the purchase. 

So, how can brands translate those moments of visual inspiration into more actual purchases?

We’re thrilled to announce our new Add-to-Cart functionality for Shopify brands, making it easier than ever for shoppers to purchase directly from visual UGC.

Seamlessly transition from inspiration to instant purchase

With the Add-to-Cart button on customer photos and videos in your visual UGC gallery, shoppers discover the products they love and add them directly to their shopping cart at the moment of inspiration. Rather than having to go to the product page, customers can now view tagged products and select their size, color, amount, and more within the post. Shoppers then have the option to checkout immediately, helping your brand decrease cart abandonment rates, or continue shopping to boost their cart size.  

Add-to-Cart facilitates a seamless buyer journey — both for customers making new, spontaneous purchases and customers returning for their favorite products. With this easy path to purchase, powerfully capture new sales and boost average order value when it matters most.

“Yotpo’s Add-to-Cart functionality has optimized how our customers shop our store — boasting a 9.5% CVR for shoppers that click Add-to-Cart. The curated UGC gallery inspires shoppers with authentic, relatable content, so shoppers can now seamlessly add the products they see featured to their cart — it’s that easy!” – Gina Shub, Growth Marketing, Girlfriend Collective

“Enhancing our UGC galleries with the Add-to-Cart option has enabled us to leverage our customers’ authentic stories and visual content in an engaging way while unlocking a new channel for customers to shop our store,” says Lo Bosworth, Founder & CEO of LoveWellness. “Add-to-Cart makes it seamless and easy for shoppers to find the products they’re looking for right next to real customer reviews, providing the inspiration, support, and social proof that drives purchase confidence.”

How do you enable Add-to-Cart?

Head to your Custom Galleries and toggle on “Add-to-Cart” in your gallery settings to enable shopping from directly within the lightbox.

Check out the Help Center to learn more.

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