Last updated on August 4, 2023

Erika Kwee
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
June 21st, 2022

Personalization made easy with the help of these email marketing tips and services.

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Personalized communication can make all the difference for your eCommerce customers. And when you incorporate user-generated content (UGC) — like reviews — and visual user-generated content (VUGC) into that messaging, it can help to build brand trust, loyalty, and engagement.

One way to send personalized messages to your shoppers is via email marketing campaigns. By pairing your campaigns with the right UGC and VUGC engagement strategies and tools, you can create meaningful and engaging connections with your customers while also increasing your click-through rates (CTR).

As we continue to offer more Yotpo integrations with leading eCommerce platforms and apps, we wanted to showcase some of our new and most popular integrations that allow you to personalize your emails in a more effective way. Here are some engagement strategies and email marketing services that you can use in your next campaigns.

1. Add UGC to your emails

If your brand is looking to include UGC in your emails, our newest integrations with Braze, Zembula, and Movable Ink all provide a seamless way to do so. These integrations allow you to insert a snippet of code to your emails that will gather your top reviews and add them into your emails.

And if you’re looking to include VUGC, these email marketing services will also pull curated Instagram photos — that have already been published to your product pages — and include them in your emails. Let’s take a closer look at each:

  • Braze: Our integration with Braze allows you to display reviews, star ratings, and VUGC within your emails to help showcase your top product reviews and increase click-through rates (CTR).
  • Zembula: Another integration to consider is Zembula — a no-code solution that lets you add content to emails no matter your email service provider. This integration also offers tons of customizations for email layouts, fonts, and more.
  • Movable Ink: Movable Ink allows you to showcase UGC for pre-selected products, recently browsed products, and UGC by type of media.

If you’re looking to do even more with your campaigns, some of the email engagement strategies below could help.

2. Create stronger segmentations

Some of our other email marketing integrations include Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Dotdigital, and Ometria. With the help of AI, you can generate snippets of code to curate your best reviews from customers — and create better segments within your email campaigns. Here are some of the benefits of these integrations:

  • Klaviyo: By using AI to showcase your best reviews, your brand will see higher CTR as well as better segmentation for more targeted campaigns.
  • Mailchimp: Target and convert your customers with customizable emails via Mailchimp. This integration allows you to create segments for personalized messaging to customers who left negative reviews versus those who left positive ones.
  • Dotdigital: Create more targeted messaging for your shoppers in order to increase revenue, segment your audience via their purchasing and reviewing habits, and incorporate compelling social proof into your email marketing campaigns.
  • Ometria: Enhance your contact profiles with reviews data to help with the segmentation, personalization, and automation of your marketing strategy and display product star ratings to increase click-through rates.

Use these popular integrations to give your email marketing strategy the boost it needs.

3. Tap into customer data

Another one of our go-to email marketing strategies to consider: leverage your customer data. If you’re noticing cart abandonment for specific products, or if you’re planning a promotion for certain products, leverage our integrations with Listrak, Remarkety, or Optimizely.

With UGC’s impact boosting conversion rates as high as 161%, these email marketing services provide a great opportunity to leverage social proof in your emails. Here’s what each integration has to offer:

  • Listrak: Create more data-driven, one-on-one interactions with your customers by adding ratings and reviews to your emails that will automate campaigns and product recommendations.
  • Remarkety: Sync your customer reviews with Remarkety and embed them directly into your emails using Remarkety’s drag and drop editor and prebuilt “Product with Reviews” content block.
  • Optimizely: Enhance your customer predictions with Optimizely to create personalized messaging that engages your customers based on what they’ve mentioned within their reviews.

With better insights into your customer base, you can curate the right messaging that will keep them engaged.

4. Respond to your reviews

If your brand is looking to turn customer communication into a conversation, another one of our engagement strategies to consider involves finding easier ways to follow up on your reviews. Whether the reviews were positive or negative, creating a path of communication and feedback with shoppers post purchase can be beneficial.

Email marketing services that allow you to easily follow up on your reviews include:

  • Drip: Our integration with Drip makes it easy to follow up on positive reviews with personalized messaging and follow up on negative reviews with an apology and/or a discount. With Drip, you can also retarget shoppers who haven’t left reviews on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Omnisend: Use reviews data to create targeted segmentation for your communication channels, and automate flows so that the right messaging is sent out at the right time.
  • Alloy: Leverage Alloy to set up review follow-ups and include reviews data within your email marketing solutions.
  • Shopify Flow: Automate post-purchase review requests from several different channels to collect as many reviews as possible.
  • Mesa: Our Mesa integration also allows you to automate review responses. You can thank customers and propose referrals for good reviews. You can also either offer a coupon or send support information for those who have left negative reviews.

How are you responding to your customers’ reviews? And which of these integrations can help your brand?

Email marketing services and personalization

Communicating with your customers is vital to understanding their needs. And when you personalize that communication using our email marketing engagement strategies, you’ll see a boost to your CTR as well as an increase in overall trust from your customers.

Looking for more tools to help drive engagement for your customers? Check out which apps and platforms integrate easily with Yotpo.