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Collect and display customer content using the power of AI.

Use Product Reviews in BFCM Marketing

Use UGC from satisfied customers to acquire new ones during the holiday shopping season.

Add Custom Questions

Add product and/or customer-related questions when asking for product reviews.

Create A Dedicated SEO Page

Host all product and site reviews on a dedicated SEO page to drive more organic traffic.

Add Product Reviews to Emails

Send customers product recommendations with customer reviews.

Add Star Ratings to Recommended Products

Showcase star ratings alongside reviews for recommended products.

Collect Reviews via SMS

Generate more product and site reviews with SMS.

Recover Abandoned Carts With SMS & Photo Reviews

Re-engage customers with reviews and customer photos of the products they were interested in.

Display Reviews and Photos in Google Shopping Ads

Improve Google Shopping Ads and by displaying ratings, reviews, and customer photos.

Acquire Organic Traffic From Google

Improve organic rankings with Google Rich Snippets.

Display Star Ratings Alongside Google Ads

Use Google Seller Ratings (GSR) to showcase star ratings next to text-based Google Ads.

Qualify Faster for Google Seller Ratings

Capture both product and site reviews with one email to meet the GSR benchmark faster.

Collect and Display Q&A

Feature customer Q&A to decrease customer hesitation.

Display Top Site Reviews on the Checkout Page

Present shoppers with the top site reviews as the final social proof they see.

Showcase Review Content in Photo Galleries

Feature photos and videos from reviews in on-site galleries.

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