Loyalty Campaigns

Reward customers with a wide range of customizable campaign programs.

Incentivize Holiday Referrals

Leverage your existing customers to drive BFCM sales.

Offer Loyalty Members Early Access to BCFM Sales

Incentivize loyal customers to take advantage of holiday offers first.

Create a Loyalty Program to Retain BFCM Customers

Turn first-time customers into brand advocates with timely loyalty campaigns.

Incentivize Customers to Upload In-Store Purchase Receipts

Reward customers with redeemable loyalty points when they upload receipts from brick-and-mortar locations or retail partners.

Reward Customers With Double Loyalty Points

Engage and excite your loyal customers by creating double points events.

Schedule Advanced Loyalty Campaigns

Boost loyalty engagement with advanced campaign scheduling.

Promote New Product Releases With Double Loyalty Points

Boost awareness for new product releases by running a double loyalty points campaign.

Create Campaigns to Combat Excess Inventory

Use double loyalty points campaigns to deal with excess inventory.

Create Exclusive Loyalty VIP Tiers

Make shoppers feel like VIPs with exclusive tiered loyalty programs.

Offer Loyalty Points for Reviews

Reward customers with redeemable points after leaving a review.

Reward Customer When They Reach a Spending Goal

Motivate customers to add extra products to their cart and reach a spend threshold to accumulate even more points.

Collect Visitors Emails

Build up your email subscribers list with engaging on-site pop-ups.

Grow a Social Community

Reward customers for social follows.

Promote Cross-Category Purchases

Reward customers for shopping from different store categories.

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