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SMS + Loyalty

Your Loyalty members want VIP treatment. This lesson shows you how to use targeted text messages like points balance updates or exclusive offers for increased engagement.


Give your Loyalty members the VIP treatment with targeted text messages like points balance updates or exclusive offers for increased engagement.

For brands looking to leverage SMS with the most impact as quickly as possible, it’s a best practice to integrate your SMS strategy within your overall eCommerce marketing strategy. And SMS and loyalty programs work especially well together.

In fact, over 76% of loyalty program members will opt-in to communicate with their favorite brand through SMS, making SMS the ultimate channel of communication with your most loyal customers.

How to integrate SMS with your loyalty program

Engage loyalty members directly through SMS to drive engagement with your loyalty program. With automated flows, including loyalty status updates, promotions, and exclusive offers, brands have a direct line of communication to their most engaged customers.

Here are some specific tactics to consider:

Entice inactive members to re-engage

Periodically remind inactive members that they have points, perks, and rewards waiting for them when they come back, and what additional rewards are available to them if they make a purchase. Consider offering a discount code to re-engage them.

Entice inactive members

Make sure active members are taking advantage of their rewards

Are your active members taking advantage of their rewards? Ensure they are aware of everything that’s available to them, now and when they make their next purchase. Let no rewards go unused (and boost your CLTV at the same time).


Celebrate loyalty milestones

When loyalty members reach a new tier or have enough points to cash in on something great, send them a congratulatory text. Make sure they know what they need to do to make it to the next level, and what they’ll get when they achieve it. This helps to maintain a level of excitement in the program.

loyalty milestone

Best practices for SMS + Loyalty

  • Drive engagement with MMS messages, which increase engagement by 15% over SMS.
  • Tie rewards in with new or trending product promotions to increase urgency.
  • Create birthday rewards and send texts wishing loyalty members a happy birthday along with their offer.

By continually engaging your VIP customers, you can provide a big boost to both your loyalty program and your SMS marketing engagement. The trick is to make sure you’re always providing value — that’s how you foster customer loyalty both on and off of your eCommerce site.