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SMS + Help Desk

Consumers expect more from customer service than ever before. This lesson covers how to integrate SMS with your help desk solution to provide direct customer service via text.


Consumers expect more from customer service than ever before.

They are no longer content to just fill out a contact form and wait for a response — they expect immediate help regardless of the platform they are on, be it your site, email, social media, and increasingly, text.

In fact, Yotpo’s recent consumer survey showed that more than 40% of shoppers would be motivated to sign up for SMS in order to receive faster responses to customer support queries.

By integrating SMS with your help desk solution, you can provide quick customer service when and where your customer wants it.

How to integrate SMS with Help Desk

When choosing an SMS provider, finding one that integrates with your preferred help desk will make your customer service flows more seamless and easier to manage. For example, Yotpo SMS integrates with many of the most popular help desk providers, including Re:amaze, Gorgias, and Zendesk.

With a solution like Yotpo SMS, you can communicate with customers one-on-one and address their questions in real time for a better customer experience. You can also set up automated flows for simple help desk questions about order status, and implement live text chat for more complicated queries. And, having all of your tickets in one place makes it easier to handle customer issues in a timely fashion.

SMS help desk example

Best Practices for SMS + Help Desk

When it comes to customer service, time is of the essence. You want to keep customers happy so they’ll reward you with good reviews and recommend your product to their circle. Make sure that you have the resources to deliver on any promises you make about customer service, and also make your policies known on your site to manage your customers’ expectations.

The majority of customers need more than 3.5 touchpoints to convert, or to even pay attention to a brand. So, if your brand is present on more channels, you can target shoppers more powerfully and from more angles, increasing their likelihood to engage with your messages.

SMS marketing is not a replacement for any of your existing channels — it’s the additional missing puzzle piece your brand needs to create a more complete omnichannel marketing strategy.