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5 Creative SMS Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Brand

In this chapter, you’ll learn from five brands that have created hyper-personalized and effective SMS channels.


In this chapter, you’ll learn from five brands who have created hyper-personalized and effective SMS channels. These brands tested SMS marketing first, so you can see the true value and find the motivation to reach your goals.

American Hat Makers

Category: Fashion & Accessories

Family-owned handcrafted hat business American Hat Makers teamed up with Yotpo and digital marketing agency CURIO to launch an SMS marketing program when their existing channels weren’t converting fast enough to meet their revenue goals. The results? The new subscriber welcome from their mobile pop-up has generated 134x ROI; their cart abandonment flow brought in over $58k in just 90 days; and their post-purchase upsell message has driven 144x ROI.


Why it works:

  • Conversational flows: Two-way communication helps the brand tailor product recommendations by gender by leveraging keyword responses.
  • Authenticity: The brand’s voice is casual and fun, and they are able to bring that to SMS communications to connect with customers in an authentic, personal way.


Princess Polly

Category: Fashion & Accessories

Australian fashion-forward clothing brand Princess Polly needed an effective way to build better customer experiences for their primarily Gen Z audience, and drive loyalty globally. They teamed up with Yotpo to launch an SMS marketing strategy that was integrated with their already existing loyalty program powered by Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals. The result? 43% MoM subscriber growth; 64x total ROI since launch; and 10x higher ROI from loyalty members.

Why it works:

  • Smart segmentation: The brand segments customers into groups, like loyalty members vs. non-loyalty members, to deliver personalized messages.
  • Loyalty integration: Loyalty program members received regular updates about their loyalty program status and available rewards.

Til You Collapse

Category: Health & Fitness

Size-inclusive workout gear brand Til You Collapse wanted a cost-effective, low-effort way to engage their loyal fanbase differently with unique, memorable experiences via a channel where they could have more intimate, 1:1 conversations. They implemented Yotpo’s SMS marketing solution and saw over 16% MoM revenue increase, and over 29% CVR on SMS welcome messages for new subscribers.

Why it works:

  • 1:1 conversations: The brand has been able to have direct conversations with customers that not only foster loyalty, but help the brand better understand their shoppers’ preferences and interests. And, their customers reply to texts with thanks, suggestions, and feedback.
  • Welcome flows: New customers who opt in to SMS receive a welcome series to boost engagement and drive ROI with personalization and discount offers.

Alkaline Herb Shop

Category: Health

Affordable supplement brand Alkaline Herb Shop wanted to create a conversational channel that dovetailed with email to deliver a more tailored experience. After teaming up with digital agency Hawke Media and implementing Yotpo SMS, they saw over 160x ROI, 20% MoM growth in revenue with SMS, and 33% of abandoned carts recovered with SMS messages.

Why it works:

  • Abandoned cart flows: The brand follows up with shoppers who leave items in their cart with personalized offers via SMS as incentive to complete the purchase.
  • Review request messages: Requests for user-generated content directly through text messages have proven far more effective for the brand than email.

Parks Project

Category: Fashion & Accessories

Purpose-driven brand Parks Project works to promote, protect, and preserve national parks through the sale of creative collections of quality goods, which help to fund vital park projects. They implemented Yotpo’s SMS marketing solution to better reach their increasingly mobile-only audience and saw over 80x ROI on exclusive sales announcements, 51.2% CVR on their welcome flow, and 39.5% CVR on their abandoned cart flow.

Why it works:

  • Exclusive offers: The brand treats their SMS audience to offers they wouldn’t receive online or in-store, along with letting them know about upcoming sales and sending alerts when popular items are back in stock.
  • A/B testing: Working hard to craft the perfect message, the brand rigorously A/B tests and iterates on message variables like discounts or SMS vs. MMS.

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