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Step 1: Collect SMS Subscribers

There are multiple ways to generate SMS subscribers. This lesson covers on-site pop-up windows, keyword messages, and how to collect subscribers on all your marketing channels.


With a powerful SMS solution like Yotpo SMS, there are multiple ways to generate subscribers.

Subscription forms like on-site pop-up windows, keyword messages, email subscriber opt-ins, and shareable subscriber links, fit seamlessly into your brand’s unique design identity, enabling your brand to build an SMS audience in no time.

Below, learn how you can collect mobile subscribers on all your top marketing channels.

eCommerce checkout

Checkout is the most natural part of the shopping experience, and therefore, it has the highest success rate. Customers have already made their purchase decision; now, your brand just needs to also incentivize their decision to sign up for SMS messages in the most inviting way.

Place content on the checkout page to invite shoppers to sign up via text to receive special offers on their next orders. Brands that leverage an SMS opt-in directly at the time of checkout see over 45% higher mobile number capture rates.

mobile shopping cart

On-site experience

Capitalize on shoppers visiting your website by engaging them with a pop-up window and incentivize SMS subscription. Brands that use on-site SMS widgets and elements see, on average, 5% and higher conversion rates.

mobile site loyalty program

Social media

Encourage your followers on social channels to text a keyword to opt in to receive texts from your brand. If they already follow your brand on social channels, they’re already engaged with your mobile content. Leverage this audience with SMS marketing to drive them from social media to your site.

SMS offer

Email marketing

Email subscribers may even be more eager to receive texts from your brand — they just might not yet be aware of SMS as an option. Engage shoppers already receiving communications from your brand via email, and encourage them to join another channel for special SMS-only discounts. Email and SMS work well together, so make sure to use them both to optimize shopper engagement.

email sign-up


Sign your customers up with SMS directly after they complete a purchase in store by asking them to provide their mobile number. Text them to opt in, and add in upcoming special offers or a discount to sweeten the SMS deal.

in-store offer