Yotpo + Searchanise

Searchanise delivers relevant search results to your customers instantly as they type, showing relevant products, categories, special offers and discounts in a single widget

About LoyaltyLion

About Searchanise

Searchanise provides useful tools that will help you effectively use your store search to improve conversion rates and grow profits:

  • Make search smarter by adding synonyms, “Did you mean” hints and stop words
  • Define custom redirects for particular search terms
  • Show ads and promote products in the instant search widget with promotion tools
  • Get the full picture with advanced analytics
  • Optimize search for phones and tablets
  • Available for Shopify, Magento and CS-Cart.
Customers trust us, and use Searchanise in their stores.
The average count of search queries per store during the month.
The average amount of products purchased through Searchanise per store during the month.

Yotpo Partnership

There is no better way to increase social proof, conversion rates, and sales, than showing a product rating in the search!
Yotpo integration with Searchanise allows you to show these ratings and reviews in the instant search widget and on the search results page.
Your customers can filter search results by a product rating. It’s the best way to promote your most popular and top rated products.

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