Last updated on November 22, 2023

Jailene Adorno
Content Manager, Reviews @ Yotpo
June 1st, 2023

Understand the value of Google Seller Ratings and learn how you can reach your Google Seller Rating quota faster.

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When looking for information — whether it be about current events, the restaurant that opened up down the street, or even a new skincare product — odds are you’re going to turn to Google over other search engines. And you’re not alone: More than one billion people use Google.

Plus, a recent Google survey revealed that approximately 50% of consumers leverage this search engine for brand and product discovery. Which makes sense: If you didn’t hear about a brand or product through word-of-mouth marketing or social media, but you’re searching for a new leather tote, the chances of you turning to Google are pretty high.

Considering the number of people who use Google every day, it’s clear that this platform provides a level of visibility that becomes seemingly unmatched compared to other search engines. Therefore, leveraging the right tools to capitalize on this visibility as an eCommerce brand is crucial to ensure that you’re engaging new and existing customers. But how do brands actually become visible on this search engine?

Enter: Google Seller Ratings.

So … what exactly are Google Seller Ratings?

Google Seller Ratings (GSR) is an automated extension of Google Ads that showcases a brand’s star ratings as well as how many reviews they’ve collected. These star ratings and the amount of reviews act as a stamp of approval that shows customers you’re a reputable brand that they can trust and purchase from. When brands add these ratings to their Google Ads, they’re more likely to see improvements in their ad campaign performance.

To obtain your Google Seller Rating, you need to collect at least 100 verified site reviews for each country in which your ad or listing would be displayed, all with a minimum average star rating of 3.5. Once you collect these reviews, they will appear on text ads, shopping ads, and free listings.

Once Google seller reviews are added, they appear on text ads, shopping ads, and free listings

Keep in mind that it’s not enough to simply obtain your GSR, you need to ensure that you’re maintaining it as well. Meaning: You’ll need to continue collecting as many reviews as possible even if your products have thousands of reviews and you already have 100 verified site reviews. Why? The 100 verified site reviews must be recent — as recent as within the last 12 months.

The importance of Google Seller Ratings

So why should you aim to obtain your GSR, and what value does it bring to your brand? This ad extension makes it easy for you to:

Impact brand and product discovery

Whether your brand is new, or you’ve been around for a while, it’s important for shoppers to be able to discover your brand and your products within their Google searches. Improve your Google search performance with GSR by showcasing your star ratings for all to see when they search your brand name or the name of your products. With so many consumers turning to Google to find new products and brands, by leveraging Google Seller Ratings, you can boost revenue and your overall ROI.

Build trust with customers

When eCommerce shoppers see star ratings within your ads and click onto your site to find reviews and photos from real people, it builds in that extra layer of trust. Social proof indicates to shoppers that you’re a real brand and that your customers are satisfied with your products. Google Seller Ratings are an authentic and unbiased way to show new and existing shoppers that you’re a reputable brand and that they can feel confident purchasing from you.

Decrease paid acquisition

The more reviews you collect from existing customers, the more social proof you’ll create for potential new shoppers. When you add this social proof to your ads, it can improve your ad performance and your visibility without breaking the bank. How? Once you get these ratings, you may see as much as a 17% increase in your CTR — which results in a lower CPC and an increase in high-quality traffic. With enough time, this Google strategy will help your brand boost sales while achieving a higher ROI on your ads.

Beanilla gains visibility on Google through Yotpo

When vanilla bean supplier Beanilla partnered with Yotpo, Google search performance was at the forefront of their brand goals. Because their products — vanilla beans, extracts, and flavorings — are more traditionally purchased in person, the eCommerce brand wanted to ensure that shoppers could easily discover their brand and products online.

Beanilla gains visibility on Google because of reviews

And after leveraging our official partnership with Google, Beanilla collected over 15,000 reviews, showcased their star ratings within their Rich Snippets and Product Listing Ads, and ultimately, boosted their brand discovery.

Obtain your Google Seller Rating faster with Yotpo

Yotpo can help you obtain your Google Seller Ratings faster with our 2-in-1 Review Requests. This feature allows you to collect product and site reviews through one, seamless email flow. When shoppers receive a review request for a product, they’ll be automatically prompted to submit a site review as well.

How reviews and ratings look on the website

With this feature enabled, your brand will be able to make an impact on site traffic while also increasing your site review collection by as much as 60%. Learn more about our 2-in-1 Review Requests feature, which is now available through our updated Reviews Prime plan.


Google Seller Rating FAQs

What are Google Seller Ratings and how do they work?

Google Seller Ratings (GSR) are an automated extension of Google Ads that display a brand’s star ratings and the number of reviews they’ve collected. These ratings and reviews act as a stamp of approval, showing customers that the brand is trustworthy. To obtain GSR, a brand needs to collect at least 100 verified site reviews for each country where their ads will be displayed, with an average star rating of 3.5 or higher. Once obtained, GSR appears on text ads, shopping ads, and free listings.

How can Google Seller Ratings impact brand and product discovery?

Google Seller Ratings can improve a brand’s search performance by showcasing star ratings when customers search for the brand name or specific products. This increased visibility on Google can lead to higher revenue and a better return on investment (ROI) as many consumers turn to the search engine to discover new products and brands.

Why is it important for eCommerce brands to obtain and maintain their Google Seller Ratings?

Obtaining and maintaining Google Seller Ratings is crucial as it helps build trust with customers. The star ratings and reviews act as social proof, demonstrating to potential customers that the brand is reputable and that others have had positive experiences with their products. Continuously collecting recent reviews ensures that the brand remains trustworthy in the eyes of shoppers.