Last updated on June 17, 2024

Kate Anderson
June 17th, 2024 | 4 minutes read
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We’re excited and proud to tell you about Yotpo RX, the Retention Xcelrator program for rising Black and Indigenous-owned businesses on Shopify.

Together with Flywheel Strategy, we give selected brands all the tools, resources, and support they need to turn every first-time shopper into a repeat customer and brand advocate. Pretty great, huh?

To give them another nudge in the right direction, here’s a round-up of some of the top brands in our current class. Keep an eye out for them – they’re going to be huge!


BabyDonna: Safe Sunscreen for Black and Brown Children

BabyDonna is a sunscreen company founded by Dalaisé Hickey, a social worker and mom, specifically for Black and brown children. Motivated by her own struggles to find safe, non-toxic sunscreen for her kids, Dalaisé created a brand that offers mineral-based sunscreen that protects without leaving a white cast.

Here’s what makes BabyDonna unique:

  • Melanin-Loving Sunscreen: Their mineral-based sunscreen is designed for Black and brown skin tones, ensuring protection without a chalky cast.
  • Community Focused: BabyDonna donates to nonprofits that support children and families, and empowers the Black community regarding sun protection.
  • Social Mission: Dalaisé is passionate about creating safe spaces for children, and that mission is reflected in everything BabyDonna does.

BabyDonna is partnering with Yotpo to grow its business. Dalaisé is looking to leverage TikTok Shop and influencer marketing to build a bigger presence on the platform and drive sales.

BabyDonna brand highlight

Dosso Beauty: Safe Haircare for Confident Women of Color

Dosso Beauty is on a mission to provide affordable, organic beauty products specifically for women of color with sensitive skin and scalps. Founder Kadidja Dosso is passionate about creating a safe space for these women, offering products free of harsh chemicals.

Why we love Dosso Beauty:

  • Hypoallergenic Haircare: Their star product is hypoallergenic braiding hair, a lifesaver for those who suffer from scalp irritation from traditional options.
  • Organic & Safe: Dosso Beauty prioritizes organic ingredients and avoids harmful chemicals, perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Community Focused: Kadidja’s brand goes beyond products. It’s about empowering women of color to feel confident and beautiful.

Yotpo has been a key partner in Dosso Beauty’s growth. By leveraging Yotpo’s automations, email, SMS, and loyalty programs, Kadidja aims to achieve a 5% conversion rate and a $75 average order value by year’s end.

Dosso Beauty is on the rise! They’re opening their first retail store with a salon this summer, launching on Target, and might even be gracing your TV screen soon.

Dosso Beauty brand highlight


UZIMA: Hair Care for Tightly Textured Hair

UZIMA is a hair care company with a focus on what many forget – the scalp! Their bio-tech formulas are designed to address scalp problems that lead to hair loss, specifically for women with tightly textured hair. Founder Leona Dondi struggled to find effective products herself and wanted to create a brand that celebrates this hair type and offers luxurious, results-driven care.

Here’s what is so amazing about UZIMA:

  • Scalp First: They target the root (pun intended!) of hair problems by focusing on scalp health.
  • Biotechnology Power: They use innovative ingredients derived from nature to create effective and sustainable products.
  • Conscious Luxury: UZIMA offers high-performance products that are kind to your hair and the environment.

Leona is passionate about helping women achieve healthy hair and is excited to share what they’ve learned from their first clinical study. They’re also working on a new essentials set to simplify your wash day routine.

UZIMA isn’t about trends, they’re about creating solutions. They’re building momentum in the scalp care space and have exciting retail partnerships on the horizon.

Uzima brand highlight


BLANKWardrobe: Effortless Style for the Modern Woman

BLANKWardrobe is a clothing brand designed by Venus Austin, all about empowering women to express themselves through fashion. They focus on high-quality, versatile basics that can be easily mixed and matched to create a variety of looks.

Why BLANKWardrobe stands out:

  • Effortless Style: BLANKWardrobe prioritizes creating a foundation for your wardrobe with pieces that can be easily styled for different occasions.
  • Express Yourself: They believe fashion should be a tool for confidence and self-expression, and their clothing reflects that philosophy.
  • Empowered Community: BLANKWardrobe fosters a community where women feel comfortable embracing their personal style.

Venus participated in Yotpo’s Xcelerator program to help grow BLANKWardrobe. They’re looking to leverage AI to personalize the customer experience and considering adding self-care products to their offerings.

Blank Wardrobe brand highlight

If you’re a brand owner and interested, check out Yotpo RX – applications are open now!