Jailene Adorno
Content Manager, Reviews @ Yotpo
October 31st, 2023

Extend the reach of your reviews on social, organic search, and more.

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When considering your eCommerce reviews strategy, you need to make sure that you’re using the right review collection tools, following review moderation best practices, and then displaying these reviews within key conversion areas. But in order to extend your reach and gain new customers, you need to make it easy for shoppers to discover your brand and products via review amplification.

By amplifying your reviews, you can boost product discovery and increase site traffic. The best way to do this is by making your reviews do the hard work and syndicating them to different channels.

Yotpo is proud to offer many different channels for review amplification through our partnerships with TikTok Shop, shops on Facebook and Instagram, Google, Walmart.com, and more. Learn how you can use these partnerships to your advantage.

TikTok Shop

One of our newest partnerships includes TikTok Shop. Yotpo’s integration with TikTok Shop allows you to seamlessly amplify your reviews to your shop.

With this integration, your brand can leverage a new channel to display social proof, help shoppers make more informed purchase decisions, and connect with customers in a more engaging way.

Shops on Facebook and Instagram

Shops on Facebook and Instagram is an eCommerce solution with more than a million active shops and 300 million monthly visitors. Leveraging these channels to sell your products can help to meet shoppers where they’re most active, impact product discovery, optimize sales, and so much more.

Our integration with Shops allows you to display your social proof directly to your shop by syndicating your reviews. Doing so not only allows you to appeal to new customers, but it could also help to drive conversion.

Once Hero Cosmetics started syndicating their reviews to shops on Facebook, they saw an increase in orders.


Reviews provide search engines with a flow of content that can help your brand rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Understanding this and how important this can be for eCommerce brands, Yotpo is an official Google partner.

Through this partnership, you can showcase authentic user-generated content (UGC) within your paid and organic ads via Google Shopping. Our integration with Google allows you to syndicate your reviews to the search engine in order to build trust and showcase social proof. And with 1.2 billion monthly searches on Google Shopping, it’s a great platform to impact product discovery.

Home decor brand Redline Steel was able to drive engagement while making an impact on their acquisition strategy.


eCommerce marketplaces are growing in popularity. And one channel leading the way, with thousands of new stores joining on a monthly basis and more than 100 million monthly shoppers, is Walmart.com. Yotpo’s integration with Walmart.com enables you to syndicate all of your product reviews to their site to help accelerate sales.

Luggage brand iFly saw immediate benefits from this integration, syndicating over 1,000 reviews in just 40 days. This partnership also allowed iFly to seamlessly syndicate more than 3,000 reviews to Walmart.com.

Amplifying your customer content with Yotpo

As we look to expand our partnerships, you can expect to see even more channels to amplify your customer content.

In fact, soon, Shopify merchants will be able to use our integration with Shop App. This integration will empower merchants to display the reviews they’ve collected with Yotpo to the app, and any reviews collected through Shop app can be displayed to the merchant’s site.

Stay tuned for more news about our upcoming partnerships.