Jailene Adorno
Content Manager, Reviews @ Yotpo
October 5th, 2023

Use the review collection tools that best match your brand goals.

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Having reviews on your eCommerce site is critical to helping shoppers make purchase decisions. Reviews can also help to boost conversion and buyer confidence, understand which products need improvements, and drive more traffic to your site. But in order to see this kind of impact, you first need to collect reviews.

At Yotpo, we know that no two brands are the same; therefore, review collection strategies and goals shouldn’t be treated the same either. For instance, a fashion brand may want to collect reviews with photos of their customers styling the products; whereas a growing vitamin and supplement brand may want to gain trust and authority within the market.

With this in mind, we’re committed to helping brands find the right content collection tools that best align with their unique goals and strategy.

Meet customers wherever they are

Today’s shoppers are using multiple channels to connect and engage with each other and your brand. If you’re looking to make it easy for your shoppers to submit a review, go the extra mile with the following features.

SMS Review Requests

Consumers spend an average of nearly four hours on their mobile devices, and because of this, 98% of text messages are opened. Use this to your advantage and meet your customers where they’re most active by requesting a review via SMS. With SMS Review Requests, you can collect product and/or site reviews and drive 66% higher conversion.

NEW – Shareable Review Request Links

Meet your customers from just about anywhere with our Shareable Review Links. Simply generate a personalized review request link and share it with your customers via email, text, social, QR code, and more.

Collect more insights from your customers

If you’re looking to understand your customers and their experiences with your products, how they’re styling certain items, or if you want to understand how to best improve, these are the best features for you.

Smart Prompts

Add a bit of gamification to your review collection strategy by suggesting high-converting topics for your shoppers to mention while writing their reviews via Smart Prompts. Doing so will allow you to collect more details about your customers’ experiences with your products.

Photo and Video Review Requests

Encourage your shoppers to submit photos and/or videos alongside their written reviews. These requests allow you to see how your products are being used and styled, but it also allows you to impact conversion as well as customer engagement.

Custom Questions

Our Custom Questions have long provided a great way for brands to understand if their products run true to size, whether or not they are comfortable, and more. But we’ve made some improvements to this feature.

Now, you can add industry-specific questions to better understand your customers. These questions may include skin type for a beauty brand, or size ordered for a shoe brand.

Customize and personalize your requests

One way to encourage your shoppers to leave a review is to customize the look and feel of your emails, showing your customers that you know them and want to create personalized experiences for them.

NEW – No-Code Review Request Email Editor

Enhance the look and feel of your review request emails with our new no-code review request email editor. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to customize your review requests with your unique brand colors, fonts, and more.

NEW – Advanced Review Request Flows

Segment your customers based on the products they’ve purchased, when they purchased the item, whether they’re a new customer or repeat purchaser, and more in order to personalize your review requests.

With this tool, you can create customized, relevant, and timely review requests that show your customers you value their purchase as well as their feedback.

Create more engaging customer journeys

When thinking about your customers’ journeys, engagement is key — especially when it comes to retention.

Delivery-Based Review Request Flows

Instead of sending out review requests after purchase or fulfillment, automate your review requests so that they’re based around the actual delivery date. Doing so will give your shoppers ample time to receive and use your products before leaving a review.

NEW – Post-Purchase Flows

Optimize your communication with your customers post-review. If your customer left a positive review, you can encourage them to set up a subscription for the item. Whereas if the customer submitted a negative review, you can set up a flow that offers an apology in order to win back the customers trust.

Make an impact on search

If you’re a newer brand looking to boost awareness and product discovery, and gain trust from your customers, leveraging search engines like Google will be pivotal.

2-in-1 Review Requests

Google Seller Ratings allow you to stand out on search engines. In order to gain these ratings, you need to collect a minimum of 100 verified site reviews. Once you obtained, you can add the ratings to your Google Ads to improve their performance and gain brand awareness.

Our 2-in-1 Review Requests allow you to collect product and site reviews through one email flow, allowing you to obtain your Google Seller Rating quota faster and with ease.

Collecting reviews with Yotpo

When it comes to content collection, a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for all brands. Because of this, no matter the size or industry of your brand, we want to give you the tools you need to help you collect more and convert faster. And sometimes a combination of different collection tools will allow you to target multiple goals at once.

Stay tuned for more exciting Yotpo Reviews features that will help you optimize review collection.