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Displaying testimonials increases sales 34%

Today, content from past shoppers is becoming more influential on purchase decisions than product info.

On average, 32% of visitors to eCommerce sites read customer reviews or look at customer photos before making a purchase.

And an A/B test by Unbounce shows just adding reviews to the homepage increased overall sales by 34%.

Give shoppers the info they’re looking for. When visitors are on your homepage and hover over an item, show a preview of customer reviews or star ratings instead of product info like price, description, etc.

This content provides valuable social proof and turns more browsers into buyers.

Real Example
GAP ran a homepage design that showed shoppers customer reviews when they hovered over product images. By giving them a peek at happy customers’ opinions, they encourage higher click-through rates and more relevant traffic reaching their product pages.
Contributed to the article: Aimee Millwood