Last updated on December 28, 2022

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On average, 18.5% more customers will write reviews

Incentives are always important. While asking for reviews at the right time and in the right way is a major factor in increasing the number of reviews you receive, giving your customers an extra incentive makes them even more likely to submit feedback.

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Data from over 3.5 million emails found that, on average, stores can increase submission rate by up to 18.5% by using subject lines with words like “coupon,” “discount,” and “save.”

Not only can you get more reviews, but you can also use this strategy to increase retention:

  • Coupons do the double duty of getting more reviews while also encouraging customers to return to your store to use their discount
  • Return customers will spend 3x more than one-time shoppers
  • It’s a win-win: More reviews, more return customers, and more sales overall


Real Example
Campus Protein created a loyalty program that includes rewards for more than just purchases. Leaving a review earns customers 30 points, and following the brand’s Twitter and Instagram accounts earns shoppers 10 and 20 points respectively. This sort of reward encourages customers to create more content and engage more with the brand, leading to greater lifetime value.