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How Much is Customer Loyalty Worth? [Data]
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You’ve probably heard keeping a current customer is more cost-effective than trying to get a new one, but when it comes down to actual spend, just how much is customer loyalty worth? For this week’s data point, we set out to answer just that question.


customer loyalty data

Customer loyalty data takeaways:

The data showed us you better be investing to improve customer retention, because returning customers really pay off.

  • Repeating shoppers have spent $356M during 2014 out of a total of $1.07B spent by customers during 2014, which is 33.3% of the overall spend.
  • Returning customers spend 2.92 times more than one-time shoppers.
  • 41 days — the average number of days between a returning shoppers’ purchases.
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Aimee Millwood
Aimee Millwood, Director of Content at Yotpo
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  • Ronnie

    Customer loyalty is so undervalued! Not only are return customers spending more, but there is no better marketing than word-of-mouth marketing. That can only come from happy customers who feel engaged with your brand and products.

    • Aimee from Yotpo

      Definitely Ronnie! Companies spend so much to get the customer, but often don’t pay enough attention to how to leverage them to boost their business.

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