The Instagram engagement rate for eCommerce

Instagram Engagement Rate Skyrockets [Data]

While we were taking a look at the average Instagram engagement rate, we discovered something surprising:

Instagram brings the most engaged traffic out of all channels!

We measured the average time on site from visitors coming from Instagram – and the results were crazy!

Here’s what we learned:

Instagram traffic stays on site an average of 192 seconds, beating out every other marketing channel.

Check out the Instagram data below.

The social media engagement rate of popular social channels

Top Instagram Engagement Stats

The channels that come closest to matching Instagram’s engagement rate are email, direct, search, and referral.

This is likely because visitors from these channels come with specific intent or a previous relationship with the brand.

Someone coming from an email marketing campaign likely has already interacted with the brand in some way, which will increase their engagement.

What’s surprising is that Instagram even beats out direct traffic – in other words, people who come straight to an online businesses’ website are less engaged than visitors who come from a brand’s Instagram page.

The biggest difference in engagement was between Instagram and other social channels!

Social Media Engagement Rate Comparison: Instagram traffic stays

  • 45% longer than visitors from Facebook
  • 62% longer than visitors from Pinterest
  • 40% longer than visitors from Twitter

Plus, this engagement gets results. In a 2016 Yotpo consumer survey:

  • 30% of Instagram users have bought something they first spotted on Instagram.
  • 72% of customers say seeing Instagram photos of a product increases their chances of buying.

Want to learn more about how to get the most out of Instagram? Check out our free guide to visual marketing.

How Can You Use This Data to Boost Engagement?

Think about it – if Instagram traffic is more engaged than direct and search traffic – as well as traffic from every single other social platform, you need to be putting your marketing eggs in the Instagram basket.

If you’re not investing in Instagram marketing for eCommerce – and investing big time – you’re missing out.

Instagram offers you the chance to grow your audience, attract more relevant traffic, and, as the Instagram data shows, boost on-site engagement.

So what can you do to get the best results from Instagram?

One of the best ways to leverage Instagram’s high engagement rates is by using Instagram UGC photos on your site.

We learned that this was important for customers – and we listened.

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