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Image Credit: Yotpo Studio
Doug Baltman
Product Marketing @ Yotpo
July 19th, 2016 | 2 minutes read

We just launched a whole new product, Social Curation.


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This powerful tool enables you to drive more traffic and sales by leveraging Instagram photos in your marketing.

Along with this announcement, we’re also excited about the launch of our new packages that are dedicated to visual marketing.

The Visual Marketing packages will include Social Curation from Instagram, User-Generated Photos, and a number of other visual marketing tools that will make you a leader in user-generated content marketing.

You can use the Visual Marketing packages alongside our Pro, Powerhouse+ and Enterprise packages.

The Background

After announcing User-Generated Photos earlier this year, we quickly saw the huge impact authentic customer photos can add.

We’ve known that including customer reviews on product pages is a powerful way to increase conversion, but since the launch of User-Generated Photos, we’ve seen that adding customer photos alongside reviews can increase conversion rate by an additional 10%.

Adding customer photos increases conversion by an additional 10% over the average uplift from reviews.

That’s huge.

Introducing Social Curation

Social Curation gives you the tools to address these hurdles and more.

You can now display shoppable galleries throughout your site – from your product page to your homepage, dedicated page, and even your checkout page.

Why is this so awesome?

These shoppable galleries, which include Instagram photos and the profiles of the users who post them, show visitors that real customers in relatable environments love your products.

Soon you’ll be able to create a Shoppable Instagram, a replica of your Instagram feed where customers buy the products in images you post to Instagram.

You can also use customer Instagram photos as the content for other marketing activities, like in paid ads via Yotpo Ads for Facebook & Instagram or in organic social posts.


Rights Management

Through Yotpo, you can request and gain the rights from customers to use their photos. Once they’ve agreed, you have the permission to use them however you want.

When you use customer photos, there’s no bigger compliment.

Flattered that you personally asked to feature their content, your customers will become your most valuable influencers.

Wrapping it Up

We’re excited to launch Visual Marketing & Social Curation, and we have more groundbreaking announcements coming very soon.