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Last updated on January 9, 2023

Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
March 22nd, 2021 | 3 minutes read

With Smart Prompts’ game elements, your most relevant review topics are 11x more likely to be mentioned.

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Looking to collect more reviews from your satisfied shoppers? Or, maybe you’re looking to collect more thoughtful reviews from 5-star reviewers? Look no further: gamification can help.

Gamification takes the essence of games — fun, play, transparency, design, and competition — and applies them to real-world processes, like leaving reviews after purchasing a product from your store. According to Harvard Business Review, games tap into “basic human drives for autonomy (you control your own pace), for mastery (you get better over time), and for a sense of purpose (you’re aiming at a well-defined goal).” Marketers can use gamification to increase engagement and influence behavior by rewarding consumers with points, rewards, or experiences of winning. 

In short, game dynamics can make leaving better reviews a lot more fun. And Yotpo’s Smart Prompts make it easy to gamify the review collection experience.

How does it work?

  1. When filling out a review, your shoppers see AI-powered suggested topics above the green bar and the review box.
  2. When a shopper mentions a suggested topic in their review, the green bar gets closer to the finish line, tracking their progress and the strength of the review.
  3. Once a suggested topic is mentioned, a congratulatory green tick also appears, mimicking the experience of achieving a point
  4. If their review mentions all the most important topics, the green bar will make it all the way to the end — winner!

It’s these simple yet satisfying game elements that encourage more detailed reviews and help shoppers mention the topics you think would be most helpful (or influential!) to other prospective shoppers.

What’s amazing about Smart Prompts? Our AI engine identifies frequently mentioned topics from past reviews and analyzes on-site engagement to dynamically suggest the most popular topics in real time as shoppers write reviews. As brands collect more reviews, Smart Prompts continually surfaces new topics, so suggestions are always relevant.

With Smart Prompts’ game elements, we’ve seen brands collect 10% more reviews, and their suggested topics are 11x as likely to be mentioned. Gamification enables you to not only collect more reviews — you can collect better, more influential reviews, too. By providing relevant topics in their review requests, brands see, on average, a 5% increase in response conversion.

The best part? Everyone wins

For your shoppers, the suggested topics resolve any writer’s block; according to our recent survey, 50% of consumers said that writing prompts make it easier for them to write a review. Because the game elements encourage more detail, shoppers are also 50% more likely to include media, like a photo or video of the product, in their reviews with Smart Prompts!

For retailers, the win is even bigger. Rather than collect 50 reviews that say “Love it!” or “Great!”, your brand can collect 100 reviews that say “I love this shirt! The color is vibrant, it fits true to size, it washes well, I’ve recommended it to friends…” — you get the picture. The more detailed the review, the more influential it is, and the more you can convert those reviews into sales as a result.

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