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Yotpo x ReturnGo Integration

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Build Trust and Credibility
Increase CLTV
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With the Yotpo Email & SMS x ReturnGo integration, brands can now send automated texts and emails based on Shipping & Return events- incorporating shipping and return data into texts and emails to keep customers informed and up to date.

Why it matters

Main Takeaways
Keep customers up to date on their order status as it processes, ships, and delivers.
Send timely texts and emails to keep customers in the loop on returns being processed.

With Yotpo Email & Email x ReturnGo, you unlock over 16+ ReturnGo events to leverage in your automated flows for triggered texts and emails. That means key moments in your customer’s journey- like when their order is in transit, or a return is finally processed- can now be updated in real-time with personalized texts and emails.

Yotpo x ReturnGo Integration