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By connecting Yotpo SMS & Email to your Facebook Ads, you can not only grow your SMS & Email subscriber list through lead ads but sync any list or segment to Facebook to use as an audience for more targeted ads in the future.

Why it matters

Main Takeaways
Grow your list by running Facebook lead ads to collect subscribers on SMS & Email.
Sync your lists and segments from Yotpo SMS & Email to Facebook Ads for retargeting.

With a connection to your Facebook Ads, you can grow your list through powerful lead ads on the social media channels where your customers are already active. Collect SMS and email subscribers through ads, and sync them directly into your Yotpo SMS & Email account, where you can now target them with tailored, effective messaging.

In addition, this connection to Facebook Ads also allows for retargeting- meaning that you can create powerful, hyper-targeted segments in Yotpo SMS & Email that can be used as the audience in your ads. Because of the robust, unique segmentation data points from Yotpo, like your shoppers’ reviews history, their subscription behavior, their loyalty points balance, and more- you can now create even stronger audiences for your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Integration