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New Email Editor

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With our new Email Editor, you can effortlessly craft stunning, on-brand emails using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The editor comes with an all-new template library, simplifying the creation of an experience that is consistent with your brand identity and inspires more reviews.

Why it's different

Main Takeaways
Our intuitive interface and customizable templates, ensure a consistent brand image across all interactions.
Personalize communications by including our loyalty blocks, easily sending multilingual review requests, and embedding custom questions.
Trigger targeted review request emails to individual recipients without the need for CSV uploads.

Our latest feature not only simplifies the creation of on-brand communications through a super intuitive interface and on-brand templates but also offers advanced capabilities to enhance review request processes for brands.

Our editor now includes multilingual product requests, enabling you to send review request emails in multiple languages directly from the same admin. With this feature, once an order enters our system, the relevant language is identified based on the shopper’s geolocation, automatically sending an email template and landing page in the appropriate language.

Additionally, for merchants using our loyalty solution, our new editor supports embedding a loyalty block, allowing you to integrate loyalty points seamlessly into your review request emails for further personalization of your customer communications.

Next, brands now have the ability to trigger targeted review request emails to a single recipient without needing to upload a CSV file. This means you can easily add the contact information of a specific shopper or your own email (for testing purposes), choose any product from your catalog, hit send, and receive the review request almost immediately. This streamlined process will let you engage with customers on a more personalized level, driving higher response rates and ultimately boosting brand reputation and loyalty.

Finally, brands can create their own questions or select from recommended ones relevant to their industry. With this feature, simply drag and drop the chosen questions into your custom form, allowing for easy customization and tailoring of review requests to fit your brand's unique needs and customer preferences.

New Email Editor

How to get started

Main Takeaways
The new email editor is available to everyone who started using Yotpo Email after September 14, 2022. If you started using Yotpo Email before September 14, 2022, reach out to your CSM to start your migration process to the upgraded interface.

Use Cases

Main Takeaways
On-brand email designs: Customize the appearance of your review request emails to match your brand's aesthetic and messaging.
Seamless personalization: Easily personalize review request emails for each recipient. By dynamically inserting order details, loyalty points, and custom questions past into the email content, you can create a more tailored and relevant experience for customers, increasing the likelihood of review submissions.
Pre-designed templates: Leverage our library of pre-designed email templates to streamline the review request email creation process. With a variety of professionally designed layouts and styles to choose from, you can save time and effort while still delivering visually appealing, customizable, and personalized communication to customers.