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Loyalty Program Summary

Streamline Program Management
Enhance merchant visibility
Create agile programs
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The Loyalty Program Summary offers a centralized hub for managing loyalty strategies and settings. It streamlines program management, providing clarity and efficiency at every stage of your loyalty journey.

Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Provides a true snapshot of the loyalty program.
All loyalty components in one centralized place (rather than across the admin) to provide simplified navigation for optimization.

Introducing the command center for your loyalty program – a centralized view that puts your entire strategy and general settings at your fingertips.

Whether you're launching a new program or fine-tuning a seasoned one, this page is the ultimate tool for program management. It's designed to bring clarity and efficiency to your team at every stage of your loyalty journey.

Loyalty Program Summary

See it in action

Main Takeaways
Seamless management for new and seasoned programs.
Foster collaboration amongst collaborative merchant teams.

Picture having all your key loyalty components in one place, making it easy to navigate, launch, and optimize your program with precision.

Efficiently configure program parameters to align with your business goals and desired customer experience.

Seamlessly optimize earning rules, rewards, and other program elements for maximum impact on customer engagement and retention.

This centralized hub ensures that managing your loyalty strategy and settings is not just seamless but also empowers your team to operate at their best.