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The Retention Dashboard offers a groundbreaking home base to seamlessly analyze your retention strategy and quickly iterate for maximum impact. Consolidate vital data, make agile decisions, and overcome bandwidth constraints for effective customer retention.

Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Tap into key customer retention metrics.
Analyze three core customer segments based on their number of orders.
Get actionable retention recommendations based on each customer segment and your Yotpo products.

The Retention Dashboard serves as a your source of truth when it comes to customer retention. Using your Shopify and Yotpo data, this centralized hub consolidates key customer retention metrics and next steps in one place. No more filling in data gaps or second-guessing your strategy; it’s all at your fingertips.

Now, you can easily track metrics like: sales from repeat customers, number of repeat customers, distribution of customers across key segments, and behavior across each segment.

And, compare your retention trends over time to double down on what’s working and quickly change what isn’t.

As for the foundational segments key to your retention strategy’s success, use the Dashboard to facilitate segment-specific analysis and identify how each customer segment impacts your overall retention. These include one-time shoppers (customers who have purchased for the first time), returning customers (customers who have purchased twice), and frequent customers (customers who have purchased 3+ times).

Not only can you access all the data you need from the Dashboard but you can also tap into personalized recommendations for each customer segment so you always deliver the experiences that resonate. Based on your customer actions and interactions with loyalty, reviews, or subscriptions programs, leverage timely SMS or email campaigns. And, you can use automated flows to respond to your customers’ behaviors, turning shoppers into brand loyalists.

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See it in action

Main Takeaways
Make agile, educated decisions regarding retention.
Always deliver the right message at the right time on the right channel.
Overcome bandwidth constraints and the “do more with less” mentality.

The Retention Dashboard does the heavy-lifting for you, dramatically streamlining your daily to-dos. By identifying strengths and weaknesses within each of your customer segments, you can allocate resources effectively and focus efforts where they will have the greatest impact on customer lifetime value.

What does this look like in action? Here are what your retention recommendation might look like:

First-time shoppers: Turn one-time shoppers into brand enthusiasts by targeting them with a SMS or email campaign promoting your loyalty program, and sweeten the deal by offering loyalty points when they sign up.

Returning customers: Encourage second-time customers to come back to purchase by reminding them to redeem their hard-earned loyalty points.

+3x customers: With the Retention Dashboard, see what percentage of your customers purchase 3+ times and make it easier for this segment to redeem loyalty points on product subscriptions.

No more guessing what will keep your customers coming back. The information and strategies are right at your fingertips! And, Instead of manually collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, you can access comprehensive insights in one place.

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”This dashboard provides data and insights that would otherwise live on multiple different platforms. Having this in one place allows us to stay ahead of the game.”

DIME Beauty company logo Al Salomon, Director of Retention