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Introducing the Customer Timeline, a powerful tool for ecommerce businesses to gain insight into their customers' behavior and transactions.

Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
See each moment in an individual customers’ journey to see what got them from A to B to purchase and beyond
Identify all of the touchpoints and customer interactions across SMS and Email channels, Reviews and Subscription actions (or inactions!) and order moments and details; so you can see the whole customer journey, in one place

Each of your customers are unique, and each of their journeys with your brand are unique. When you have scattered data, it’s nearly impossible to visualize the customer journey; when leveraging Yotpo products for your marketing solutions, you can finally see that journey in one place.

With this new capability, you can quickly identify a customer’s first interaction with your brand and how influences like engagements on SMS and Email, discounts and promotion impact the customer’s journey.

See it in action

Main Takeaways
More quickly resolve customer service issues by having a full view of the customer’s status and journey with your brand
Identify what Email and SMS messages led to specific purchases, and products purchased, or discounts used, for each customer
Identify Subscription actions to understand when a Subscription product swap happened, redemptions on subscriptions or moments of Subscription start, skip, dunning or churn and quickly see what marketing communications and actions the customer took just before that moment

Will include (not limited to) events and details such as:

  • Subscribed to SMS/Email (and source)
  • Clicked link in Email Flow (and flow name)
  • Email unsubscribe
  • Back in Stock SMS flow sent
  • SMS campaign sent (and campaign name)
  • Placed an order (and order details including products and order totals)
  • Review submitted
  • Product subscription created
  • Subscription notification sent
  • A subscription to products was paused/expired
  • Product added to subscription
  • Subscription delivery frequency updated
  • Discount code applied to subscription
  • Loyalty points redeemed on subscription
  • Upcoming delivery of selected products was expedited
  • Subscription payment method was updated

customer timeline