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Tailor Campaigns

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Tailor Campaigns is an all-in-one AI campaign creation tool- that seamlessly builds highly effective campaigns based on AI insights for the best segments to target, the best times to send, and even what discounts are best to use- for your specific campaign goals. Hear from Ellie Garabedian, Yotpo's Senior PMM, about Tailor Campaigns below.


Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Let Tailor take out the complexities of campaign strategy and create AI-powered campaigns end-to-end.
Share your campaign goal and a few details, and Tailor will generate a full campaign- the best audience, the best copy, and the best time to send based on your store’s unique data.
Tailor identifies the most effective audiences for each campaign based on your goal, using your subscribers’ unique purchase and engagement history.

To keep customers engaged, it’s important to focus on segmentation, and deeply tailoring your content to each audience. But that’s often easier said than done- that is, until Tailor Campaigns.

Tailor Campaigns is an all-in-one AI-powered campaign creation tool, made to understand your goals and design an end-to-end enhanced campaign strategy for maximum impact. Tailor draws upon unique data from your store, the real-time engagement and purchase history of your subscribers, and insights from your past campaigns to create highly effective campaigns, powered by AI.

Simply share a few inputs about your campaign- most importantly, the goal of your campaign, and some details about the campaign itself- and Tailor will not only create intelligent audiences based on your subscribers’ behavior but also recommend unique copy tailored for each audience to boost conversion. From there, you can still fully customize your strategy or even add follow-up texts and emails to build a longer campaign cadence.

Say goodbye to hours of guessing the right segments to use, the right copy to leverage, or even the right discount to offer each audience- and let Tailor build your most effective campaigns end to end.

Tailor Campaigns