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Shopper Journey in Flows

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The Shopper Journey enables you to get a full picture of all your automated customer touch points across each stage of the journey - acquisition, purchase, retention, and advocacy. With visibility into your communications across their journey, you can more easily identify opportunities to optimize and make your engagements more effective. Hear more from Kim Winter, Yotpo's VP of Product Marketing.


Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Explore your automated flows in a customer journey view to see how you engage across each stage
Discover opportunities and best practice recommendations that may be missing from your current strategy
Easily analyze results and compare flows to learn where there is room to optimize

With Shopper Journey in Flows, you can now plan your engagement strategy more effectively by visualizing how you engage today across the stages of your customer’s journey. This pulse check helps you to identify which flows are driving the most impact, and which are potentially missing in your strategy today, which ultimately drives improved communication across the shopper journey.

Shopper Journey in Flows