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Build Trust and Credibility
Increase conversion rate
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Yotpo and Shopify have joined forces to seamlessly syndicate reviews between Yotpo and Shopify’s Shop app. This integration empowers you to effortlessly enhance trust and drive conversions by effortlessly adding social proof to another sales channel.

Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Amplify Trust: showcase social proof on the Shop App, boosting trust and engagement with your brand.
Increase conversions: empower shoppers with the information they need to make purchases.
New Sales Opportunities: explore unique opportunities on Shop to drive product discovery and showcase value through social proof.

Staying connected with your customers and adapting to the changes of online shopping is crucial in today's D2C market. This release simplifies this for you by automatically sharing your reviews on the Shop App. More and more shoppers are using the Shop App to discover new brands, and brands are keen on maximizing this sales channel. This is the perfect time for your brand to stand out on the Shop app and gain a competitive edge.

Through our partnership with Shopify, Yotpo makes it easy for your reviews to be seen on the Shop app, helping your brand stay relevant and thrive in this rapidly growing sales channel. By using this feature, your brand not only gains credibility but also assists shoppers in making informed purchasing decisions by easily accessing and browsing through reviews.

How to get started

Main Takeaways
Getting started: the integration is automatically turned on for all Yotpo plans, so you don't have to put in any effort to get started.
Automatic Review Sync to Shop: All previously collected reviews, along with any new reviews acquired through Yotpo, will seamlessly be shared with ShopApp.
Collecting reviews on Shop: Reviews gathered through the Shop App seamlessly sync with Yotpo and can be published on our Product Detail Pages
Moderating Reviews: In Shopify's Shop app menu under "Reviews," you can easily see the Yotpo Reviews count. Clicking this section redirects you to Yotpo's moderation page, where published product reviews are filtered for your convenience.

Getting started with the Shop App syndication requires little to no effort. If your store qualifies for Shop, the reviews you share in Yotpo that meet Shop’s review guidelines will be added to your products on Shop automatically. We're not just sharing the reviews; we're also including the merchant's comments and media. See here for more information on Shop app syndication.