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This new functionality allows merchants to diversify their review request channels by providing the ability to create custom review request links and share them with any customer, on any channel, providing greater flexibility in gathering valuable feedback.

Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Easily generate personalized review links through a landing page
Share links through emails, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, TiktTok & more
Automatic order verification identifies Verified Buyers

At Yotpo, we're dedicated to making it super easy for D2C brands to gather customer reviews. Our latest release brings smarter ways to collect reviews from customers, no matter where they are. While email and SMS have been popular communication channels for years, we understand customers interact with brands in various places nowadays. That's why we've introduced a simple method for merchants to collect user-generated content (UGC) from almost anywhere.

Now, with a shareable review request link, buyers can effortlessly submit reviews, broadening their opportunities to collect reviews on multiple channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and more! This feature goes beyond regular review request emails, letting you reach customers in more places and get even more valuable reviews.

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Use Cases

Main Takeaways
Get Reviews for Less-Reviewed Products: include the link in an SMS or Email Marketing campaign to customers who bought a product with fewer reviews.
Direct Review Requests from Customer Service: if a customer can't find their review email but wants to earn points, the Customer Service team can directly send a Review Request Link.
Capture Reviews During Unboxing: create a QR code for an insert to catch the excitement during unboxing, making it easy for customers to leave store reviews.
Gather Reviews for Samples: Boost your Visual User-Generated Content (VUGC) by sending samples to influencers. Generate more content on your website by including a QR code to the product sent as a sample.

How to get started

Main Takeaways
Easy link generation: effortlessly generate a direct link for shoppers to write reviews via a landing page.
Creating personalization: add a personal touch by guiding shoppers to a review submission page with pre-filled names and email addresses.
New ways of review collection: collect reviews easily from different sources like emails and SMS by including your generated link in your outreach.
Automatic verification of buyers: boost the credibility of reviews with automatic order verification. Verified reviews are marked as Verified Reviewers, confirming them as Verified Buyers when the purchase is confirmed with the provided email address.

This new release makes it super easy for sellers to get more reviews. Just follow these simple steps to generate a link:

  1. From your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Emails > Shareable Review Link.
  2. Decide if you want a product review or a site review. If it's a product review, you can pick a specific product.
  3. Set everything up the way you want, and click "Get link."

For more details on making a review link, check out this article.