Multi-Message Campaigns

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Join Ellie Garabedian, Senior PMM, as she explains Multi-Message Campaigns. Achieve your SMS and email campaign goals within a single setup and ensure your customers always get the right message.


Why it's different

Main Takeaways
Execute multi-step SMS and/or email campaigns within one simplified setup.
Build powerful targeted campaigns with strategic filtering to avoid irrelevant messages and optimize your spend.
Deep dive into robust analytics of how each campaign performed overall.

Launching SMS and email campaigns is never as quick as writing a one-off message and hitting send. So many decisions go into making a successful campaign, and it’s hard to map out the best experience for your customers. Plus, when you have disjointed solutions for SMS & email, you risk bombarding your customers with irrelevant messages.

With Multi-Message Campaigns, you can streamline the campaign process within a single set-up, allowing you to plan each touchpoint in your campaign strategy and clearly visualize your customers’ journeys. Now, it’s easier to avoid over-communicating and ensure your customers always get the right message.

Multi-message campaigns

See it in action

Main Takeaways
Generate hype for upcoming product releases with a drip campaign, generating hype for the launch date, then offering early access to your engaged/VIP subscribers before opening it up to the rest of your list.
Create more personalized promotions by narrowing your audience based on who clicks, purchases, or opens previous messages.
Split your campaign by segment to build thoughtful journeys for different segments — like reminding loyalty members with points to redeem, while offering discounts to others

Let’s take a look at a few powerful use cases for Multi-message campaigns.

First, let’s say you’d like to promote an exciting product launch for your brand- and you want to give VIPs early access. You could start with a first message to your whole list- letting them know that this is their last chance to join the VIP club to see what’s coming- and reminding your VIPs that their early access starts soon.

Then, you could split that journey: with messages to your VIPs reminding them about their points, and notifying them that their early access ends soon. All the while, you’ll be warming up the rest of your audience to get excited for the sale to kickoff shortly.

Next, let’s imagine you’re sending out texts and emails for your Annual Sitewide Sale. You can now pre-build a journey with those messages to segment out anyone who purchases from the campaign (or certain messages) along the way, and to send more targeted follow-ups to those who clicked or opened messages to show interest.