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The Incentivized Badge allows merchants to indicate when reviews were incentivized, promoting transparency and compliance with FTC regulations. The badge enhances trust between merchants and customers and enhances the overall customer experience.

Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Merchants can mark reviews as incentivized and specify the type of incentive provided.
The incentivized badge is displayed on reviews, with a tooltip revealing the incentive type on hover.
Various incentive types are supported, including Free Products, Coupons, Loyalty Points, and more.

This feature was built primarily to help merchants comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. By showcasing an incentivized badge on reviews that received an incentive, the aim was to increase transparency and trust between merchants and customers. This transparency not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also enhances the customer experience and fosters a sense of trust, ultimately leading to improved sales for our merchants.

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Use Cases

Main Takeaways
Sampling Programs Compliance (especially for beauty brands): Many beauty brands run sampling programs where customers receive free products or samples in exchange for reviews. With the badge, these brands can easily comply with FTC regulations by marking reviews from sampling programs as incentivized, ensuring transparency and trust with their customers.
Automated Incentivization for Loyalty Points and Coupons: We offer dynamic and automated marking of incentivized reviews for customers who use our own loyalty program. For instance, when customers receive loyalty points or use coupons provided by the brand, their reviews are automatically flagged as incentivized. This automation saves time for merchants as for those who use other loyalty platforms will need to complete this process manually.
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How to get started

Main Takeaways
For Yotpo loyalty users, the incentivized badge appears automatically, as the system detects and marks incentivized reviews, streamlining the process without manual intervention.
For other loyalty platforms, manually tag reviews as incentivized by accessing the moderation dashboard and selecting the appropriate option for reviews incentivized through coupons or loyalty points.
Monitor the display of incentivized badges, noting they currently appear only on the Reviews Main widget V3, ensuring transparency and compliance.
Access incentivization data in export files by exporting review data from the moderation or reporting section, utilizing the newly added column indicating incentivized reviews for analysis and reporting.
how the badge is added to the widget