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Exclude Unengaged Subscribers

Boost engagement
Increase CLTV
Reduce churn
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By identifying your unengaged subscribers, we’re making it easy for you to exclude them in a single click and avoid over-messaging. Not only does this boost engagement, but it reduces campaign costs and ultimately amplifies ROI from SMS Campaigns. Join Ellie Garabedian, Yotpo's Senior PMM, to learn more below.


Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Around 30% of the average SMS marketer’s list is unengaged- meaning wasted messages and budget on customers who aren’t reading your texts.
We’ve made it effortless to exclude these subscribers in a single click, optimizing your ROI and reducing unsubscribes.

We’re giving you the power to Exclude Unengaged Subscribers in your campaign creation process automatically. Our goal is to empower you to make every interaction count- and with a simple checkbox to exclude those subscribers who aren’t engaging with your SMS program anyway. No more manual, time-consuming segmentation to optimize your campaigns before sending- simply click, and watch your campaign costs decrease and your engagement rates soar.

Exclude Unengaged Subscribers