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This new update uses the Yotpo AI engine to distill customer reviews into brief, insightful snippets on the product page, offering shoppers concise and relevant information about the item. Our goal is to simplify online shopping by assisting potential customers in grasping the opinions of previous buyers, enabling them to make faster and more informed purchase decisions.


Why's it different

Main Takeaways
Faster conversions: Reduce the decision-making time for shoppers when making a purchase.
Ensure informed decisions: Boost shopper confidence by providing concise summaries of relevant information, empowering them to make informed decisions effortlessly.
Better mobile experience: Provide a brief summary so that shoppers don't have to endlessly scroll through countless reviews on their mobile devices.

While getting lots of reviews is crucial, and many brands have mastered this, the challenge arises when customers land on a product page. Often, they find themselves scrolling through numerous reviews, searching for relevant information.

This can be a hassle because reading through all those reviews isn't easy, even though the content is gold for shoppers. In a world where less than 5% of shoppers bother with the second page of reviews, efficiently retrieving information is crucial for brands. Many customers miss out on valuable feedback buried in the sea of reviews simply because they lack time to go through them all.

That's where Yotpo’s AI Reviews Summary comes in - they scroll through all the reviews and highlight the key details in a snippet, helping shoppers make faster decisions and giving your brand a better shot at turning visitors into buyers.

See it in action

Main Takeaways
Easy setup: the Reviews Summary effortlessly adopts your brand's style, saving you the hassle of extra steps to get started.
Flexible display: add the Reviews Summary to the Reviews Widget, Star Rating, or both, strategically placing it where it suits your store best.
Quality assurance: for the Reviews Summary to show up, a product needs at least 20 reviews and 3 topics, each with a minimum of 5 reviews.

To use the Reviews Summary:

1. You must be on Yotpo’s latest widget version (V3) and subscribed to the Prime plans or higher.

2. In your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to On-site Widgets and pick the right widget.

3. Visit the Reviews Summary section in the widget editor and turn on the feature. It seamlessly integrates into both the Star Rating and Reviews Widget, adapting to your brand's look.

Check out this article for more details on setting up this feature.