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The Best Google Shopping Examples to Inspire Your Brand

These brands have mastered Google Shopping. In this lesson, we’ll dive into what makes their campaigns work so well, so you can get inspired to boost your presence on the channel.


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Katie McKeever
Product Marketing Manager

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If your brand has already experimented with Google Shopping or if you’re thinking about setting up shop for the first time, then you’ve probably figured out that creating a powerful Google Shopping presence is far more than just listing your items and waiting for the sales to roll in.

We’ve rounded up six Google Shopping ad examples from brands both big and small, breaking down the strategies that make their Google product listings stand out among the crowd.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Category: Fashion jewelry

Pura Vida brought surf style into the mainstream through their colorful, artisan-made bracelets and charitable ethos. They’ve since expanded into a whole line of jewelry that appeals to shoppers across different demographics. While Pura Vida does some advertising for individual products (see below), other retailers also sell Pura Vida merchandise through Google Shopping.

Why It Works:

  • A quick Google search of the name “Pura Vida” yields a right-hand sidebar with Wiki-style information about the brand. Beneath this are Google Shopping links to Pura Vida’s most popular products, providing additional free exposure. This right-hand-side visibility is controlled by Google Shopping’s algorithm, but you can improve your chances of products being pulled into this sidebar by meeting Google’s data feed requirements and increasing the overall performance of your Google Shopping campaigns.
  • Pura Vida’s also done their keyword research. A Google search for “friendship bracelets” surfaces several different styles and price points, including Pura Vida’s smartly named Friendship Pack. A key takeaway: Knowing what terms your target audience is Googling can yield insights for how to market your products, including the product names that will make your items more discoverable.

Pura Vida example


Category: Watches and accessories

MVMT specializes in sleek, well-made watches that only look like they cost a fortune. With prices starting just above $100, MVMT fans can build an entire watch wardrobe for the cost of one luxury timepiece. A large collection of MVMT watches are available through Google Shopping, all clearly marked with free shipping.

Why It Works:

  • MVMT has enabled promotions in their Google Shopping listings, which drives shoppers to purchase merchandise directly from the MVMT website instead of from other sellers. In addition to giving a code that unlocks 27% off for MVMT’s 7th anniversary sale, a recent promotion also creates a sense of urgency by expiring in 10 hours.
  • MVMT has also chosen to bid on more top-of-the-funnel terms used by shoppers early in their search process, such as “best budget watches 2020.” By introducing their watches to those who are not yet invested in a specific brand, MVMT creates their own brand awareness which could pay off later in the shopping cycle.

MVMT example

MVMT example 2

James Allen

Category: Fine jewelry

James Allen is an online diamond retailer whose user-friendly, design-your-own-engagement ring experience has helped demystify the process of jewelry buying. The brand sells some of their popular and well-rated products through Google Shopping.

Why It Works: 

  • A recent search for “art deco engagement rings” pushes James Allen’s designs to the top of the list. If a shopper hovers over any of the items, an enhanced listing shows that James Allen does not charge shipping or sales tax, which brings down the cost of their rings considerably. Their generous 30-day return policy (on most items) is also mentioned, further removing the barrier to purchase. 
  • James Allen has a Google Shopping remarketing campaign enabled, which means they can serve up Google Shopping ads to website visitors who have previously shopped on their site. These ads serve as a gentle “Hey, remember me?” to those who have not yet made a purchase.

James Allen example


Category: Baby gear

Mimijumi’s baby bottles are meticulously designed to complement the breastfeeding experience. Manufactured in the EU to exceed US safety standards, Mimijumi’s bottles further protect babies with a built-in anti-colic and anti-gas system. They sell their Not So Hungry line through Google Shopping.

Why It Works: 

  • Mimijumi has optimized their Google Shopping campaigns properly to show up in searches for their brand name, which, surprisingly, is a strategy that some brands overlook. A recent search for “mimijumi bottle” yielded four results that directed back to the Mimijumi site and one result for Mimijumi bottles at BuyBuyBaby, lending the Mimijumi name some credibility as a brand trusted enough to be distributed at a large chain store.
  • Mimijumi is savvy enough to list their main product — baby bottles — and replacement parts in Google Shopping. A search for “breastfeeding baby bottle” displays both the bottle and the replacement nipple, which shows shoppers that the product is cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

Mimijumi example

Mimijumi example 2


Category: Clothing

Alala sells their own brand of designer activewear and workout clothes for women. They advertise on Google Shopping both for their brand name, which returns some of their most popular products like their best-selling yoga tights, and for individual product searches.

Why It Works:

  • Alala has done a great job of making their Google Shopping experience look and feel just like shopping on their elegant online store. Consistency in their product images, including lighting and a unique, non-white background, helps their clothes feel luxurious and high-end in a sea of Google Shopping sameness.
  • Alala’s listings are often the only Google Shopping result that display customer ratings. In a recent search for “mesh yoga shirt,” Alala’s offering stands out as the only merchant among its competitors with 5 stars, thanks to their strategic use of Yotpo Reviews. According to our data, Yotpo customers see a 24% increase in CTR from displaying reviews and ratings in Google Shopping Ads.

Alala Google Shopping example

Pink Lily Boutique

Category: Clothing and accessories

Pink Lily Boutique scaled a successful eBay and Etsy business into an online destination for affordable, trendy women’s clothing. With millions of followers on social media, Pink Lily has a  broad reach, which is further amplified by relationships with key influencers.

  • A recent search for “cream women’s hat” turns up Pink Lily’s camel-colored version in Google Shopping results. Taking advantage of product variants when listing your items in Google Shopping — which is essentially tagging items with slightly different colors or features — can encourage appearances in related searches. In Pink Lily’s case, it’s possible that when a shopper sees the camel-colored version of this hat, they want to purchase it instead!
  • Pink Lily’s Google Shopping store offers a robust search, much like you’d expect from their website. Shoppers can filter by the usual suspects — color, price, size — but also less common attributes, such as pattern, material, and length. Pink Lily makes it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for by getting granular with product descriptions and going beyond the basic product data requirements for Google Shopping.

Pinklily example

Pinklily example 2

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