Last updated on February 7, 2024

Melanie Koss
Customer Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
May 21st, 2018 | 3 minutes read

Our latest visual integration with Nosto helps you boost conversion and bring more traffic to your store by using authentic customer photos in your social ads and on-site pop-ups.

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Whether it’s that perfect Instagram photo alongside a glowing review, or a Facebook post raving about a new product, shoppers online are constantly experiencing that “yes!” moment, pushing them to purchase.

So, how do you ensure your content is exciting enough to bring those discovery-happy shoppers to your store and convert them into buyers?

Replicating the visual experience of social by using authentic customer photos on site and in ads draws in shoppers who are blind to the overload of traditional branded content. Adding a layer of personalization by showing shoppers this type of user-generated content for products they’ve browsed in the past increases chances that they’ll convert.

We’re excited to announce our new visual integration with Nosto, designed to bring you exactly that functionality, helping you deliver a constant stream of eye-catching customer photos to the right shoppers at the right time.

Why visual UGC?

Show shoppers how the product is used in real life

54% of consumers have decided against purchasing a product due to unhelpful photos. User-generated photos give a serious boost to add-to-cart and conversion rates by showing potential customers your products in action. Especially in industries such as fashion, UGC helps buyers understand if the product is right for them, motivating them to continue on to purchase.

Sell more with social proof

Customers love seeing endorsements from others who have bought and loved your products. By using customer photos in your product recommendations and social ads, you are creating a personal, approachable, and visually-engaging customer experience that tells an authentic story about your brand and products.

Spend less on creative by using your customers content

Today’s most agile brands know they need to leverage existing assets as much as possible to scale marketing efforts efficiently. And what better way is there to get a constant stream of fresh content to use in ads than by collecting your customers’ photos? Visual UGC fits seamlessly into social channel feeds as customer photos echo the look and feel of the content already being shared. It also gives your on-site experience a boost of color and character by complimenting product photos with images of your own customers using your products.

Where does personalization fit in?

Now that Millennials and Gen Z shoppers have so much purchasing power, brands need to cater to the expectations of these digital natives. These shoppers have less patience than ever for irrelevant content, so brands need to know what sort of items they’ve purchased, what they’ve browsed, and what they’ve abandoned in cart in order to catch their attention.

Data points like these allow brands to show shoppers only the most relevant products, increasing purchase likelihood and building a stronger connection with customers. And when the right products are combined with trust-building user-generated content, like customer photos, reviews, and ratings, shoppers have everything they need to continue confidently to checkout.

How does the new Yotpo + Nosto integration work?

Adding to the already powerful integration of Yotpo reviews into Nosto’s behavior-based tech, you can now incorporate your customer photos into product recommendations and social ads to dramatically increase customer trust by adding a layer of social proof to your marketing.

Yotpo data shows that 77% of shoppers prefer customer photos of products over professional ones. Increase click-through rate and conversions by leveraging customer photos, collected by Yotpo, in Nosto’s product recommendations widgets, as well as in Facebook and Instagram ads.

Syncing up Nosto with Yotpo super easy. Once integrated, you can easily preview your user-generated photos and then incorporate them into your on-site recommendations and social ads.