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Last updated on February 7, 2024

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Questions increase the chance a shopper will write a review by 86%

One of the most effective ways to get customer content is to email shoppers asking for reviews and/or photos after they have made a purchase and received their product.

Customers get tons of emails in their inbox every day, so how do you craft copy that not only get them to open your email but also to take time out of their day to submit a review or photo?

We studied 3.5 million post-purchase requests to understand how the first thing your customers see in a review request email – the subject line – affects review conversion.

After all, in any form of email marketing, the subject line makes or breaks results.

This analysis looked at the impact of common subject line variables, like phrasing a review request as a question or including the store name, customer name, or product name.

And we found that subject lines make a huge difference in the number of customers who will write a review!

The best words and phrases to use depends on your industry, but here are a few examples:

Check out all the data to see specific microcopy tips for your industry!

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Real Example
Bando sends post-purchase emails with friendly subject lines,  “Soooo… what did ya think?” to stand out. The key to nailing copy like this is knowing your audience. While their young shoppers will likely respond well to such a casual tone, others may not. So, know who you’re speaking to a craft a personalized subject line that will grab their attention.

And don’t forget to keep all these tips in mind when crafting an SMS review request, too.