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Our 2017 Resolution: Be Awesome To Our Customers
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Over the last year, we failed to put our customers first. Now, we’re changing that.

We’ve come a long way from the days when we were actually a customer-first company.

We used to offer phone support to all of our users (none of whom were paying us at the time).

We were super-small then, and I would actually be the one answering the line: “Yotpo Support, how can I help you?” I didn’t dare say my name for fear someone would look me up on LinkedIn and see that the “Head of Support” was actually the CEO.

Back when we were just 10 people, with a couple of hundred clients, we had something called the “Yotpo Fire Department.”

Every time the number of tickets got above 100, all the developers dropped what they were doing and started answering tickets.

When we were 20 people, 7 of those employees were client-facing.

We knew the only way we could grow would be by offering incredible customer service, so we did EVERYTHING we could to make it happen.

And it worked because we started to grow fast. But then things changed.

We focused on growth and innovation instead of on our clients.

We began to make product decisions based on innovation, instead of customer needs.

Our marketing focused on our successes instead of the success of our users. We put HR resources into hiring developers and sales guys, instead of support agents.

It’s incredibly hard to admit but, for a moment there, we forgot about making our customers love us.

And this showed in almost every metric: NPS, support-ticket response times, reviews we got.

Negative Review

Every indication from our customers showed the same thing: They loved our product, but they didn’t feel like they were getting the service they deserved. They were right.

We advocate for companies to tap into their biggest asset: their customers. But at the same time, we were letting ours down.

And that’s why our #1 commitment in 2017 is prioritizing customer love above all.

We want to be customer-centric (and not in the way that we just write it in our mission statement). That’s why I have challenged every team leader, Director and VP in the company to come up with the ways in which they will live out our official New Year’s Resolution: be awesome to our customers.

I wanted to share some of the best ones:

Peleg, Head of Support

We’re doing everything we can to lower ticket response times and resolution times.

We’re increasing our headcount and also the amount of time our Support team is available. In Q4, we’ve already seen a 97% decrease in response time from Q3.

Avg time to first reply

And a 48% decrease in resolution time.

Avg resolution time

We will also focus on improving the quality of our service, making our Help Center easier to use and testing some new initiatives like live chat.

When it comes to trade offs in R&D resources, developments driven by current customers — such as feature enhancements — have taken a priority.

Below is the allocation of resources we had for Q4 of 2016 and what we have so far for Q1 in 2017. “Product Debt” refers to enhancing current features (usually according to specific user requests).

Product Q4 16

Product Q1 2017

We hope to grow the allocation for enhancements as the year goes on.

There are also two more initiatives to help us be more customer-focused:

  • Product Manager as a Client Success Manager.

The Product team knows our products better than anyone, but we can be pretty removed from customers.

That’s why this year, each Product Manager is taking on accounts as a Client Success Manager for the lifetime of the customer. This will help us understand integration, on-boarding and customers’ pains using the product.

  • We’re building our own store!

We want to better understand the needs and challenges our clients have, so we are building our own eCommerce store. Stay tuned…

Aimee, Director of Content

We were so focused on letting everyone know about us — our great new eBook, our awesome product release, our latest webinar — that we forgot what really makes us great: our customers.

This year, the Content team is going to change that.

We want to listen to customers more and also tell their stories.

First of all, we are listening to more client calls — whether its a recording of a Sales call or being in the room while Product is speaking beta users, we are going to be listening in.

Next, we are putting a ton of love into Social Proof, our Medium blog, which contains only first-person stories by real entrepreneurs.

We’re constantly scouting out users with amazing stories that they want to share.

Finally, we are ramping up our Success Stories — each one starts with a 30-60 minute call with a customer, so it’s a great way to get to know our users. We have learned amazing things from Success Stories in the past, so we are doubling down and trying to create 4x more than we did in 2016.

The Customer Lifecycle Team is responsible for ensuring clients love Yotpo enough to stay with us year after year. So, by nature, we’re already very customer-centric.

Still, there are a few things we are doing this year to be even more customer-focused.

One of them is working on sending clients regular ROI reporting so that they can easily see the value they’re getting out of Yotpo in a really transparent way.

We’re also using that data so we can help them more.

For example, if we see someone is using a feature but they can be doing more with it, we’ll be in touch to let them know how. It’s all about ensuring our customers know they’re getting what they paid for with Yotpo. 

Miguel, VP Client Services

Besides the initiatives of other teams I oversee — like Support and Yotpo University — we are changing the structure of the Client Success team to deliver more effective and personalized service.

We’re segmenting customers into different, similar groups and having dedicated Client Success Managers (CSMs) working with each group.

This gives each CSM the opportunity to get to know each segment better and understand their clients’ competitive landscapes, allowing them to provide more personalized service.

We’re also upgrading our internal systems so we can be more proactive about customers’ needs; we’ll see when they have a problem that we can help them solve, and we’ll reach out.

Tamar, Talent Acquisition

In the past, we put almost all of our HR resources on hiring tons of developers and salespeople, and now that’s going to change. In 2016 we tripled the size of our Support team and in 2017, we’ll quadruple it.

Client facing teams saw a huge headcount growth in the second half of 2016 (see the graph below) and we plan to continue this growth rate in 2017.

Client Facing Headcount

Those are just some of the resolutions, but hopefully it gives you an idea of the huge changes we are making here this year.

My personal resolution?

To ensure that every team sticks to these resolutions, embodies a customer-first mindset and that it is reflected in everything we do.

I hope you’ll notice the difference.

UPDATE: We were completely overwhelmed and grateful by the response to this post. Within 12 hours of posting, we had more than 50 blog comments and hundreds of emails — all with thoughtful and thorough feedback.

I took the last day to talk with the people here and think about how we want to respond to some of the things you brought up in your responses.

I’m working on responding back to many of you in the coming days to continue the discussion further. I wanted to address some of the main themes we noticed in the feedback from you:

1) Lack of transparency in pricing

We’ve chosen to leave pricing off of our website for a few reasons.

One of the biggest is that we never wanted anyone to not call us based on numbers they saw on our site.

We understand it may be difficult to take a leap of faith and sign with us for the long term, which is why we at least want the opportunity to speak with you all and truly understand if we can help in any way.

We never wanted someone to see the base prices and think, “This is not for me.”

We weren’t, however, aware of the bad will it created with you. We’re addressing this issue internally as we speak and hope to have something to show you ASAP.

2) Lack of options for small businesses 

Small businesses are very near and dear to our hearts.

It’s why, despite multiple and constant reasons to do so, we have never gotten rid of our completely free plan and also why we are actively working to improve Support there.

If you read the post above, you know that I feel we lost sight of our businesses in general (not just small businesses). We’re working hard to change this.

We’ve made great strides in the past months to change this and are already seeing the benefits for our customers. This will only continue to improve as we move forward with 2017. More details to come on this.

3) Pricing in general

Pricing (of anything) should be directly correlated to value.

We’re working on restructuring our plans to ensure that value matches price and, most importantly, that our customers can actually SEE that value.

Tomer Tagrin
Tomer Tagrin, CEO and Co-founder of Yotpo
When Tomer's not geeking out over data or eating oranges in the middle of meetings, he's with his ferocious guard dog, Vamos, and beautiful wife, Adi.
  • Darian Khosravi

    I love Yotpo, but my small business is being strangled by charges. I would love to upgrade to more service, but the dramatic increase from in plan charges keeps us from doing it. I was refreshing to read this post and I wish you guys all the luck in the world. If anyone can do you it I believe you can.


    • Hjörtur Scheving

      Yeah I am in exactly in the same boat as you Darian, the charges have skyrocketed! There are some really nice features that I would love to take advantage of but hard to justify the huge jump price for me.

      • @dariankhosravi:disqus and @Hjörtur,

        Thanks for your comments — we really appreciate hearing from users and businesses like yours.

        We’re going to revisit our pricing and packaging and take steps to make sure that small businesses can still use Yotpo. (I updated the post above to show that)

        Darian, thanks for the kind words and the faith in us!

      • We were super-small then, and I would actually be the one answering the line: “Yotpo Support, how can I help you?” I didn’t dare say my name for fear someone would look me up on LinkedIn and see that the “Head of Support” was actually the CEO.

  • Jim Walczak

    To add to the other comments, I agree the pricing structure needs to be looked at. We stay at the lowest as there is no way we can justify the additional cost for such a basic feature of having reviews published to Google shopping as an example.

    I’ve spent some time here in Q1 considering leaving YOTPO after being here for years. This post at least encourages me to hang in there for a few more months to see what happens

    • Hi Jim — thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      We will look at the pricing structure to ensure that price matches value, and that small businesses can continue to use our platform

      I’m really happy to hear that you’ve been with us for years and I hope you’ll stick around to see the improvements we’re making.

  • I agree with what is said. I tried several times via contact form to some questions right but never got any respond. When we started with Yotpo we were one if not the first Yotpo customer in Germany. And guess what three or four times Yopo called me to ask me how things are running!

    So, a more customer centered business plan is highly welcome!

    On my wish list is a more flexible feature plan conserning charges. Our shop is too small to pay for Google Integration. That is something so banal that Yopo should offer this for free.

    • Hi Boris,

      Thanks for your feedback, and I’m happy to hear you have been on board from the beginning!

      We’re going to revisit our pricing and packaging (I updated the post above to reflect that) and take steps to ensure small businesses are taken care of.

  • RusticSinks

    I have already seen the new improvements on Yotpo, from the dashboard updates to the new Analytics. I have been using Yotpo for several years and agree for awhile the customer support could have been better. It is great to hear that improvements are in the works and I know growing pains sometimes hurt. The more important note is that you recognize this and making the needed changes. I even moved my website from one platform to another and had to reach out to customer support for help. It took a few back and forth replies but we got it all figured out and integrated on the new website. I really could not ask for a better platform and easy to use dashboard for my reviews. I see more and more websites that I visit using Yotpo and proud to be a user. I am excited to hear about the new and upcoming changes for this year. Kudos to you and your future success!

    • Hi,

      Thanks so much for your kind words — we are truly proud to have you as a user.

      I’m thrilled to hear about the great experience you are having with Yotpo.

      You’re right, we had some growing pains but we are back on track : )

  • Tomer, you’ve been great to work with in the past, but I have to agree with Darian. The price structure, particularly for SMB’s and emerging companies, is too steep. And the fact that your pricing is not public, says that you’re not particularly interested in the smaller, emerging merchant.

    I understand as well as anyone that Enterprise customers present huge sales opportunities. However, there are more and more competitors today than when you started, and many are catering to the SMB market with tools and features very competitive to Yotpo’s.

    Back in the beginning, when I was one of the early Yotpo customers, the offering was fantastic because it made ROI sense for SMB’s. Today, that’s no so much the case. The very features that will help an SMB grow their business come at a steep premium price.

    This is a great post, and spot-on in terms of a company’s dedication to service. However, I implore you to not forget those that could become your larger clients and most ardent supporters.

    In the meantime, for the sake of my clients, I have to consider alternatives that provide a more sensible cost/feature ratio.

    I don’t have your insight into your back-end numbers, costs, etc. However, I think any such service should include all features with pricing based on number of reviews processed. No banded feature set (except for dedicated account consultation, perhaps): all features available, but priced by number of reviews.

    We had to move two clients from Yotpo to other services just so we can afford the additional features that we need.

    Just my two cents. Thanks for the thoughtful and humble post.

    • Tim King

      I believe this pretty much sums up the Chat/email I had last week. I love the style and ease of use for Yotpo. However we are running out of reviews the last 10 days of the month. It’s difficult to swallow the cost jump to get additional reviews we require. So we are looking for other solutions and ways to import our existing reviews. Hopefully all these responses will help Yotpo see the other real need for their free app customer base: tiered pricing beginning at $10 a month.

      • Hi Tim, thanks for your comment. I’m happy to hear that you love Yotpo and also that you’re willing to take the time to give us some honest feedback.

        We are actively working to improve the experience for our free users — that’s where we started and those customers are still incredibly important to us.

        We’re going to revisit our pricing and packages to ensure that price and value are matched — if Yotpo isn’t bringing you more than $10/month, you shouldn’t pay more than that.

        • Tim King

          Thanks for your reply. I look forward to the new pricing structure.

    • Darian Khosravi

      Well said my friend!

    • Dana Renee

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! As a new business, to take on $400/month for reviews is not at all feasible. There should be a tiered price plan. in addition, the customer service for the free plan is awful. They do everything BUT answer a question. I’ve had to hire people just to help me with tweaking the app as Yotpo refuses to offer any help if you don’t pay them $400/month!

      • Peleg Samson

        Hi Dana,

        First, please accept my apology for your past support exprience. We’re been investing a lot in Free customers support (including establishing a new team focused on Free customers).

        Response time already improved dramatically in the past two months, If you’d like I’ll love to talk and learn from you how we can do better.


        • Josh

          I too felt this was unrealistic. I’m now on a cheap plan however there’s absolutely no mention of this on the Yotpo site. To date I don’t know if something dodgy was done on the Yotpo backend to get me going or if i’m on a legit plan.

          Pricing needs to be more transparent, It shouldn’t be $POA as It caused me to hold off on signing up.

          • Hi Josh,

            Nothing dodgy happening, we were just responding to the need of some of our small-business users and experimenting with what would happen if we offered a lower-tiered plan.

            We’re taking steps to make pricing more transparent.

        • Hi Dana,

          You’re in good hands with Peleg : )

          I just wanted to point out that I updated the post the reflect some changes that we will be making to our pricing.

          Thank you for taking the time to read and give us some honest feedback.

    • Peter Cain

      could not agree more to this. YOTPO might think service has been their number one problem, but to any growing SMB their pricing is actually the biggest blocker.

      • Patti Kappauf

        and lack of results/ translation into ROI

        • Hi @petercain:disqus and @pattikappauf:disqus,

          Thank you so much for your candor.

          We’re revisiting our packages and pricing to ensure that price matches value — so you’ll know the price is fair, because you are transparently seeing that ROI — and ensuring that small businesses can continue to use our service.

    • Hi Bret,

      First of all, thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to write such a detailed and thoughtful comment — I really appreciate it.

      Since you’ve been with us from the early days, you know how important small businesses are to us.

      And you’re right — we have watched some of our small business clients grow into huge stores.

      These businesses are often some of our most valuable clients, not necessarily in terms of dollar value, but because of the amazing relationships we have with them and the insight they are able to provide.(These are often the people we go to for beta-testing, case studies, client surveys etc.)

      And they are — as you said — some of our most ardent supporters.

      We loved being a part of their growth, and we want to do it for more businesses.

      The truth is, we have been focused on SMBs, but not as much as we should.

      We’re going to revisit our packages and pricing to ensure that small businesses don’t feel forgotten about (please see my update to the post above).

      We hope these changes will win back the clients that left of because of the reasons you outlined above.

      Thanks again for the comment, Bret.

    • I wanted to follow up and see if there have been any tangible changes that I can take advantage of. I don’t see any changes to the pricing page or types of plans. I did see the updates to this post, which gave me some hope, but don’t see (from where I sit that much has changed. I have been sort of hanging in a holding pattern waiting to see if a path would open up for us. This isn’t really a negative complaint so much as an admission I had hoped there might have been an option open up, but I have not seen that happen. If there is please feel free to follow up via my email.

  • Bruce Baker

    It would be a pretty dramatic change if you began to deliver decent customer service. Also, the pricing tiers are ridiculous. We are actively looking for a better solution.

    • Thanks for your candor, Bruce.

      Though it can be difficult to read, this feedback is immensely important.

      I updated the post above to reflect that we are revisiting our pricing and packages to ensure that businesses of every size see value with our software on top of taking huge steps to improve our customer service.

      We hope you’ll stay with us.

  • loretta

    I would love to consider upgrading my free yotpo plan, but as a person said below, my small business is being strangled by being nickel and dimed everywhere. Even more importantly, I do not want to have to go through a demo and sales pitch in order to get pricing. Please be transparent!!

    • Thanks for your comment, Loretta.

      We’re going to be more transparent in our pricing moving forward, and also improve our self-service offerings (so, no demo).

      We haven’t forgotten about small businesses, we just had some missteps.

      • loretta

        Thanks Tomer. As a small business I really appreciate the honesty and open recognition of something that needs to be corrected. That is the type of business I would love to do business with. Integrity is what is so severely lacking in many businesses. We operate under the premise that we will “always do the right thing, even when no one is looking”. It is difficult to find businesses that operate under the same premise, but when we do, they become life long partners. So kudos to you. On another note, you eluded to “if Yotpo isn’t bringing you more than $10/month, you shouldn’t pay more than that”. That would be AMAZING for a small business such as mine. We cannot possibly bring something on board that does not pay for itself. Every single penny we spend has to generate more and work, because nickels and dimes are important to us!

    • VJ

      Wish I could have said it that way. Way shorter. I agree, i do t wanna sit through a sales pitch. Since pricing isnt published I can assume you hire “sales” reps who get paid a cut based on my most hated term “up sales”. Either that or its so expensive you feel you need a human to “sell” it really hard. Too much bullshit guys. Just post services to a price. Any customization can rquire tech ir sale calls but you dont even let me get off the ground and feel like Im in control.

  • Arien

    I am also with Yotpo since several years, however only partly satisfied. My frustration is that it is not possible at a reasonable price to use rich snippets functionality for woocommerce products.

    As a small company I am convinced that enabling rich snippet would help me grow.

    Hopefully Yotpo will indeed change their pricing structure and offer small companies the possibility to grow by offering rich snippets for woo at a fair price. Thanks in advance!


    • Eran Funt

      Hello Arien,

      My name is Eran. I’m leading the Premium Support team at Yotpo, and I think we can help you attain Rich Snippets for your WooCommerce store search results.

      I will log a support ticket on your behalf so we can further discuss this matter.


      • Hi Arien,

        Thanks for your comment. You’re in good hands with Eran : )

  • I’ve been with Yotpo for 4 years. I was paying $25 a month then I went to the free plan for a while but lost all my reviews on my website. The only thing I was getting were star reviews on my actual products. Seeing that I sell one of a kind items that hurt me a great deal, how can people see the reviews if the product is sold and taken off the website. When I decided to go back to the higher priced plan I then found out it was raised to $49 a month for the same exact service I had for $25. I love Yotpo and the whole idea of it but that increase is a lot and I don’t know if I will be able to continue the service. Being a customer for 4 yrs. they really should have kept me at my past rate of $25. Punishing me for going to the free plan wasn’t cool. If I had just stayed with the $25 I learned a lesson.

    • Hi Laura,

      Thank you for your thoughtful and honest feedback. Also thanks for saying you love our product : )

      We definitely did not intend to punish you — the truth is, we were experimenting with different types of offerings for small businesses and it sounds like you got caught in the middle of that.

      I updated the post to show some of the steps we are taking to better Support small businesses – I hope you will read it and stick with us.

  • Maxwell Segal

    I agree with the below comments too. All other similar solutions offer transparent pricing structures. For my small business the pricing seem steep and would significantly impact my margins. Call me to discuss if you wish and I’m happy to look at costs but you need a tier for start-ups etc.

    • Hi Maxwell – thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it.

      We are going to be more transparent with our pricing and do more for small businesses (I updated the post to say that).

  • jose ACEVEDO

    I agree with Jim Walczak and Brett Williams, your pricing structure just doesn’t work for smb’s. While we see a lot of value in the service you guys offer we cannot justify paying for it.

    • Hi Jose,

      Thanks for your honest feedback. We made some missteps when it came to taking care of SMBs and I hope the post (and the updated I just added re: pricing and transparency) shows that we are taking big steps to fix that.

  • Arna

    Have to agree with the comments here – would love a transparent price structure and not have to deal with an hour long sales pitch call that ended in astronomical figures being mentioned.

    • Hi Arna,

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the feedback.

      We will be more transparent with our pricing and improve our self-service options moving forward. (I updated the post above to reflect that)

  • Shane Ward

    I’m gonna chime in with everyone else below. As a small business Yotpos pricing tiers are ridiculous and the reason I won’t be using Yotpo in the future. I was lied too. I spent $3600 with yotpo this past year because I was forced to sign a 1 yr contract. I was told I would make thousands with this tier of marketing service. So far I have just over $2000. So not only have I not made any profit but your services actually caused me to go in the hole.

    What was customer services response? “Let us lower pricing a bit since you’re clearly not being helped” Nope. It was “sorry you signed a contract, hope to see you next year” while a few thousand may not be much to yotpo it’s a whole lot to a startup company dad with a wife and 3 kids. What are you going to do to fix this problem?

    • Hi Shane,

      Thanks for your candor.

      I’m a startup dad too and I appreciate that Yotpo can be a big investment for a business — we take that very seriously which is why we are trying to build a tool that can do amazing things.

      I know that Alex and your CSM Igal have already reached out to you to make this right.

      I really hope you’ll stick with us, Shane, and that we can show you how much we really do care about your business.

    • I look forward to seeing what transpires.

  • Tracey

    Too expensive. Especially since your company must be making bank with higher pricing and lower customer service, aka human help. Pay back those businesses you ripped off, blog about that, and perhaps you’ll find a friend or two.

    • Hi Tracey,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      In my update to the post above, I outlined some of the stuff we are going to do to update our pricing and also our offering for small businesses.

      I hope you’ll see that we’re not out to rip anyone off — we are truly trying to build an amazing thing that can help businesses of all sizes grow.

  • Tracey

    Don’t be like Yelp.

    • We’re with you, Tracey — we don’t want to be like Yelp!

  • Fran Valera

    I agree with all of these comments. I’m glad to read about https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/185de146572a46edc41fcec92aa6eb4e7f1936994749321beb800ef8a7a020a7.jpg your plan, I had the feeling the extra attention I’ve been getting from Yotpo was just more sales pressure to buy the upgrade, which as a small business we can’t afford. There are so many business needs pulling for every penny, I like the idea of a tiered offering. fran@little-windows.com

    • Thanks for your comment, Fran. We are going to make some changes to our pricing and packages and also do more for small businesses.

      The extra attention is just the awesome improvements we are making in Customer Support — glad you noticed them 🙂

  • Matthew Boogaard

    Yotpo sells the concept of feedback and user generated content, but you don’t listen to your own. You have a Uservoice page with lots of feedback and great ideas, but no action is ever taken. Also there is a huge jump in your price plans which are now hidden. It’s not viable to pay such high monthly fees if you aren’t getting many reviews. Yotpo has some great features, but as others have said, your higher plans have all the features, but are not cost effective. Your target used to be small merchants, but you’ve priced them out. You also ignored requests for really small feature requests, while releasing lots of enterprise features.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your comment and the honest feedback.

      We are doing everything we can to put our customers at the front of our product development choices — actively dedicating more and more time to feature requests and improvements.

      If you look at the update I just added, you’ll also see we’re taking steps to be more transparent in our pricing

      We genuinely care about small businesses but, because of the reasons I outlined in the post above we did make some mistakes.

      We hope you’ll stay with us as we make steps to correct them.

  • Trevor Crotts

    “97% decrease in response time from Q3”
    -If you just decided to respond to customer tickets at all you would see that. That fact that you still have us and the rest of the customers here is quite remarkable and an opportunity for you to make things right. I had issues and opened up multiple support tickets- NOTHING Facebook post on your social media -NOTHING hell, I even reached out to you on Linkedin – NOTHING …………………. So what I read now is you are DOING WHAT IS EXPECTED OF YOU. Great job. We shall see. Btw I would love to try some of your new features but can not justify the increase in cost because it is way to significant. I am still here and you can still make things right. I have been a customer from very early on. BTW still waiting on my star ratings to show back up on adwords (not going to bother to open another ticket with no resolution).

    • Hi Trevor,

      Thank you for your honest feedback — though it’s hard to read, it’s important to hear.

      I’ve updated the post to show that we will be revisiting our pricing structure.

      Please email me at tomer@getyotpo.com so I can ensure you’re getting the customer service you need.

      • Trevor Crotts

        Thanks for getting in touch with me. As a courtesy I want to make you aware that trust pilot had been monitoring this post and has reached out to everyone involved. I am willing to stick it out and see what change for the better you can bring.

  • Trevor Crotts


  • Tarek

    you are too expensive for what it delivers. the jump from standard to premium was very expensive but now that price seems to have disappeared and changed to a “chat with a sales person”? Is that so you can make it up or does premium have a menu you can pick and choose from? im confused and baffled why you would adopt that approach when its pretty clear what premium features are.

    • Hi Tarek,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      I’ve updated the post to reflect that we will be revisiting our pricing and packaging policies as well as being more transparent with pricing moving forward.

  • 2way10

    We’re a small start up and though Yotpo is a great application it’s really too expensive for our size. I would love to move off Yotpo because of the expense but have too many good reviews and don’t want to upset the apple cart. I feel stuck. Customer service has bee okay but nothing exceptional. We are choking on the cost. Perhaps if we had more hand holding to show how to get the app to pay itself back it may not be so painful. All that aside, I really like your app but the leap from paying literally 10X more a month for the next tier has not been a great decision for us. There’s not a whole lot more that I could see we’re benefiting from. Even our “dedicated rep” is missing in action.

    • Hi — thank you for taking the time to leave this detailed feedback.

      Please note that, although we’d love to keep you as a customer, it’s extremely easy to export your reviews from Yotpo, even if you choose to leave us for another solution. (We would never want anyone to feel stuck)

      Please email me directly at tomer@getyotpo.com, so I can personally look into your account and ensure you’re getting the customer service you need.

  • Patti Kappauf

    We paid $8,000 in 2016 which was VERY STEEP, but Emeka PROMISED we would get tremendous ROI. I was extremely uncomfortable, but as a small business owner, my word is golden – I was hoping yours would be also. A few months into it, I could tell I made a bad decision for our company and wanted out with a refund. David was great to work with so I held on – but then you busied him up with hiring and training and we didn’t hear from him for several months. It’s been one disappointment after another. I just don’t see the ROI today and still regret the decision. For the time I’ve used it, I still think a refund is appropriate – or help us get the ROI you promised – and this is more than a 30 min call to tweak some emails and tell us to send more TRRs. I’ve been asked by many colleagues (other small business owners) about you and I just can’t stand behind you.

    • Sangay

      Anybody who guarantees ROI is to be taken in a critical way. Build good relationships with customers and use other review apps that are more affordable than believing whatever sales team from Yotpo says. They are just trying to rip people off.

      • Patti Kappauf

        Yes, I’m aware of that and did take it in a critical way. I’m so disappointed to see others did not pay a lump sum of $8k in advance – now monthly billings are available, and for much less (even though they are high – knowing now what a disappointment this has been). I have requested a refund for them to make it right with me. I will lose all of the reviews and all of the time I invested, but I don’t want to continue this relationship. For me, it’s more about the product and results – if it takes hand holding by a dedicated rep then it’s not really worth it anyway.

        • Hi Patti,

          Thank you for taking the time to read the post and provide this honest feedback.

          It’s hard for me to read, but important for me to hear.

          I know Alex from the Lifecycle team has already been in touch and I really hope we can make this right.

          Thanks again,

          • Patti Kappauf

            Tomer – we’re pretty dissatisfied with how we were handled after providing our feedback on here. Did you receive our escalation request? If so, are you the one who decided we should be out $4k USD for NOTHING? Seriously…this is no way to run a business ripping people off.

          • Patti Kappauf

            No response from Tomer Tagrin to my post above from a month ago. Go figure :/

      • Hi Sangay,

        Thanks for taking the time to comment.

        We’re committed to delivering and showing ROI and are making a lot of improvements in the coming year to achieve that.

        As a company that promotes word-of-mouth marketing, trying to rip people off simply wouldn’t be good business on our end. So I can assure you we are doing everything we can to provide and show value to our users.

        Thank you again,

        • Patti Kappauf

          @TomerTagrin I messaged you a month ago (above) with no reply. Sorry to say the approach I have experienced is ripping us off and I wrote for you to make that right. Perhaps it didn’t make it up to you – as a leader of a large growing organisation it’s difficult to stay in touch. BUT we did also message you on here with still no response. We are still out over $4,000 for NOTHING

  • Shaun Aguilera

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I hope we see it put into action this year.

    • Thank you, Shaun! We are moving forward this these changes as we speak.

  • Doug Kim

    Why don’t users move past the free version? It’s simple really. There are too many lingering questions associated with the product that can’t justify the cost.

    I’m a Director of Marketing + Sales and I’m sure a lot of people reading Tomer’s article “Our 2017 Resolution: Be Awesome To Our Customers” are in the same or related field. Why is this important? As marketing minds, we spend every waking hour figuring out how our clients work, what makes them tick and how to gain their trust. Trust is paramount for any brand and I’ll take it over price any day.

    My late mentor told me when it comes to business there are three choices: low cost provider, exceptional custom service and quality of product…pick two.

    It’s refreshing to hear that Yotpo is having the conversation of putting their customers first…the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right? So if you’ve chosen to make customer service paramount, where will your company focus its efforts on the remaining two choices? Low cost provider or quality product?

    You can’t be everything to everyone and that’s a fact of life. Would you rather be an expert in your field or a Jack-of-all-Trade and a master of none?

    I vote to stick with your guns and provide stellar customer service with a quality product.

    So what happens to all those who can’t afford your product? If I’m being honest, I think this is an important time for your company Tomer and if you ask me, which I know you’re not, it’s time to begin a spin-off or brand product that can satisfy the needs of your smaller clients. A first-class product associated with a low-cost with the expectation that customer service does not come standard.

    Life is full of expectations and if you can establish expectations clearly, directly and honestly then how can your customers be upset with you? Be up-front with pricing, people don’t have time to call, email or explore for more details. You may have a superior product but if it’s too hard to find pricing, people will move on to another product because it is more convenient… “Let’s Talk” …I don’t have time to talk.

    Why do consumers love Netflix? It’s a simple product with clear terms, no BS and a great price. Why do people spend $250 on a pair of Nike shoes? Great product with an exceptional customer experience. Tomer, what you’ve been cooking up at Yotpo over the years is great but the recipe isn’t quite right. Find the proper ratios and the bad taste will leave the mouth of your customers and you’ll be cookin’.

    Cheers to much success and a bright future. I wish the best for Yotpo and the well-being of you, your team and your customers.

    Doug Kim

    • Hi Doug,

      Sorry I didn’t respond to your comment sooner, it got lost in the mix.

      Thanks for this detailed comment and kind words about Yotpo.

      You bring up a lot of good points.

      You’re right, we need to be more transparent with customers, and that is a goal moving forward. I think we can provide the best product and the best service and also do something that is small-business-friendly.

  • Jennifer

    Agree with all of the “potential client” responses-except the transparency.

    The return sales call I received outlined price very aggressively and qualified us or rather disqualified us as a client–I think in order to get onto the next client that would yield an agreement. While I can’t devalue the drive behind pursuing a client that will result in a commission, I could potentially be that client in 6-12 months. He asked early in the call what type of volume my business does, VERY quickly agreed the YOPTO pricing is probably to high for us to use. What he didn’t listen to or hear is that our 2 year old business tripled in sales last year and will probably do the same this year.

    Agree that overall pricing is flat out too high for small businesses to use. There is a lot of competition for the premium monthly services that all say they will increase your business.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your honest comment.

      We truly try to take the time on the phone to understand whether Yotpo will be a good fit for your business — I’m sorry you did not have that experience with us, and it’s something we need to address.

      I’ve updated the post to show the changes we will make to pricing, transparency our relationship with small businesses.

  • HannahRussell

    Another former customer here. I started with Yotpo over 3 years ago on the free plan. Over the following 2 years I found more and more features being removed. I came to the point where I thought “fair enough” and thought I would move to a paid plan – particularly as I was increasingly seeing the need to adopt photo reviews and a couple of other fairly simple features. I was absolutely staggered though by the new pricing structure- totally out of the range of small businesses. I have moved my reviews to another more reasonably priced provider. Putting the customer first should also include not ripping off the little guys that got you where you are today. It appears to me that greed and arrogance have taken over at Yotpo and it would take a decent gesture to the SMBs you priced out to win me back.

    • Hi Hannah,

      Thank you for your comment — it’s always important to hear from users but especially those who were with us from the beginning.

      We are going to restructure our pricing and packages and also take steps to show small businesses how important they are to us. (I’ve updated the post to show this)

      You’re right, made some mistakes when it comes to small businesses and I hope the changes we make will win you back.

  • Marc Prescott

    As mentioned by others, I do not care for a demo of your products. I do not care to speak to a salesperson. I want transparent tiered-pricing. I want your best price for your product. I do not feel you are giving me your best price – probably because you are spending to much money on sales associates. Save your money and automate the process. Give us simple tiered pricing. Bring down your costs and pass on the savings to your customers who want reasonable pricing. Your process is clunky and awkward. Streamline. And your pricing is not realistic. Your professed renewed commitment to customer care misses the mark completely. Transparency with your pricing SHOULD be the greatest commitment you make to your customers. I am disappointed you do not see what should be obvious to you if you truly cared for your customers.

    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks for your candor — it’s hard to read, but important to hear.

      We are making changes to our pricing structure including being more transparent, I’ve just updated the post to reflect that.

      We’re also going to improve the self-serving offerings.

      I hope you’ll see that we’re truly serious about putting our customers first.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  • Sarah

    I run a small business that is utilizing social media for all marketing. As such, user generated photos are vital. I spoke with YotPo and they would not tailor a pricing plan for me that I could afford. After numerous discussions, I have found that Shopify offers me everything that YotPo does – all included in my monthly plan. Some even FREE. Sorry YotPo, we could have been good friends. You tried to take advantage of me. I have to leave you now. Sigh.

    • Hi Sarah,

      It truly pains me to read that you felt you were taken advantage of — that’s not how we do business, and I hope we can win yours back.

      I’ve updated the post to reflect some of the changes we will make regarding pricing transparency and helping out small businesses.

      I hope these changes will prove that we are committed to serving you.

      Thanks for your comment and honesty.

  • sounds like the right path for continued success.

  • VJ

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9260330092948ffe4b0a1c90f34d806da5ce6d17673e7a4f0e3851ce70944f18.jpg I gotta say, it is impressive to see honestly and no BS. This would be sonething kept internally and a PR spin would do a tag line, “we are growing with you” or some bullshit. Ive used your service at a base level. Always wanting to use more options but either too expensive for a 1 man start up from my home that just took on 1 employee only 18 months operation. So doing a “sales” call with your ppl to evaluate what I need was rediculous. I simply dont have time. I need help now and quickly. So thats what I thought of when a customer leaves a review. Wish i could do more but Ill never call that poor guy back.
    Ill stick around a little longer to see the outcome of this refreshing honestly. vJ @FaceKevlar Beard Co LLC FaceKevlar.com “Ride Hard & Wear FaceKevlar”

    • Hi VJ,

      First of all, thank you — it was hard to write this post and I appreciate you appreciating that.

      We’re going to work on improving our self-service options so you can do more without getting on the phone with our sales team.

      Glad to know you’re gonna stick around : )

  • Rick B

    Is this another way for you to justify to yourself that your incredibly expensive plan structure is fair?
    Well… it isn’t. And one of the reasons your metrics do not show this is probably because there’s thousands of companies who are still on the basic membership that have not provided public opinion in your pricing.
    A 12-month plan for thousands of dollars is not going to fly with my company, no matter how many bells and whistles you add or how much soul searching you do trying to be “customer centric”.
    Be fair.

    • I appreciate this feedback, Rick. Although harsh, I understand your position and respect your opinion.

      I’ve updated the post above to reflect that we will be making changes to our pricing, and I truly hope you’ll find them fair.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  • Kim Lauman

    I agree with everything everyone said below. The product is good but the pricing is too high for what use I can get from it as a SMB and while I appreciate the passion of your sales people I don’t have the time to go through the presentation without knowing what the pricing structure is. The product is good but it is impossible to justify moving from a free plan when having invested in a Yotpo facebook ad and getting absolutely zero response.

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the post and give a candid response.

      We’re gonna do more to take care of small businesses and be more transparent about our pricing (I updated the post to reflect that).

      We’d be happy to work with you on improving the results of your Yotpo Facebook Ads as it’s truly been a game-changer for some businesses.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  • Gary Nickless

    I love yotpo and have been with you for many years, even on the higher paid plans which I do see value in…. Pricing is an issue though as outlined in all the posts below. There any many competitors and apps coming at you, but If you can keep the pricing fair and include alot more of the options of some of the very high plans I think you will keep people longer.
    No one likes having to change services all the time, so if you can get the pricing side right I think you on a real winner as the product is great from my view point. Great to hear there are improvements on the way for customer support.
    I have been a big advocate for Yotpo, but like all others below the pricing is now very steep for new people coming in and I agree that a tiered pricing structure that is transparent would be a great start as well.
    Love the Product, Love what it does for my business, just hope you can fix the pricing and support issues…. will watch this space.

    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your honest feedback and also all of the great things you said about Yotpo — comments like yours make this all worth it : )

      You’re right – we need to make changes to our pricing and I’ve updated the post above to reflect that we will.

      Keep watching!

      • Gary Nickless

        Hi Tomer,

        Thanks for the reply and appreciate it… sometimes its just the small things that make Yotpo good and bad…

        Example of this is we upgraded to the plan to get the images added by reviewers which was great… but then we want to edit the template for the wording they see when requested to leave a photo… “Sorry you cant edit that template on your plan. Only the next plan up lets you edit that template” we are on a high plan to get this feature and then we cant even edit the wording on the photo request! Im sure we could get more images coming in if we could connect better with our customers.

        Just an example of the little things sometimes that piss people off a bit… As i said absolutely love the product, but a few tweaks here and there and it could be so much better and easier for all of us users to recommend to all our friends and business colleagues.

        Thanks again.


        • Thanks for writing back, Gary. We’ll be adding more and more features to exisiting plans to ensure our users seen increasing value.

  • Your prices are hidden, and far too high for SMBs. We’re having to recommend other solutions because you have outpriced most of our customers.

    • Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for your honest feedback. I updated the post to reflect the changes we will make in terms of pricing transparency and how we serve small businesses.

  • Bart

    I joined Yotpo when it was in beta and had fair pricing, now the pricing is crazy! Pricing & transparency should have been the focus 🙁

    Hopefully with the customer first approach, our comments will get answered.

    • Hi Bart — thanks for your comment and for being with us since the early days.

      I updated the post above to show that we are making changes to our pricing structure– we are revisiting our packages and pricing and want to ensure small businesses can still use and love Yotpo.

      We take the shift back to a customer-first approach very seriously and are addressing all the issues people brought up in these comments.

      • Bart

        Hi Tomer,

        Thanks for the response, and I am looking forward to further updates in this area.


  • I wrote to you guys about your pricing structure being inaccessible for small and growing businesses some time ago. Great to hear the service level is increasing. I should get a positive response soon then hopefully.

    • Hi Mobsey — I’m glad you’ve already reached our with your feedback and have done it again here. I updated the post to show that we are also committed to taking care of small businesses.

  • Besh

    Hi Tomer,

    I am a bit relieved to see other business owners also feeling the pinch regarding the pricing. However something that I have not seen mentioned as much is the fact that, whenever new features are introduced, it requires an upgrade to a new plan which was introduced purely to incorporate the new feature (at a higher price). Our loyalty as customers is not being rewarded at all especially when you hype up an amazing new feature, only to find out that it isn’t included in my existing plan – but in a newer plan which didn’t exist 1 month ago.

    To give an example. 2 years ago I was on the 2nd highest plan offered by YotPo. Your photo reviews feature had just been released and I was excited to use it. Being on the 2nd highest plan (behind enterprise) I assumed photo reviews would be included. When the time came to renew my annual subscription I found out there was another plan now in between where I was currently and Enterprise – at a higher price (obviously). I decide to move up to it as I really thought that photo reviews will be a game changer for us. It hasn’t been, about 1 photo review every 3 months.

    On the positive side I can say that reviews have helped our conversions incredibly. I am glad I signed up some 3-4 years ago. Customer support has been ok, not the best but far from the worst I’ve faced. I do like the continuous innovation from the team as well. My annual subscription is due for renewal in a couple months and I hope that I am not forced to look at other alternatives.

    • Hi Besh,

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback.

      We are going to improve the value of our plans by adding new features to existing packages – you’re right, this was a misstep of ours.

      I urge you to reach out to your Client Success Manager regarding getting more out of our photos tools — I’m confident that we can get you those game-changer results you were looking for, because I have seen it with other businesses.

      Thank you, also, for the kind words — we work hard to build amazing products and constantly innovate. We hope you’ll stay with us to see what’s coming next.

  • Lori Apthorp

    I see I am not alone in wanting a smaller fee for just what I can afford for now. If I could just get the additional (beyond the trial) reviews posted on my store, that would be great for a reasonable fee. Then other promotional options could be added a-la-carte as the business becomes more profitable. No way can I justify the current cost structure for my business. Remember, for the review-only service, you are not as likely to need extra customer support, since it seems to work pretty well on it’s own. All this talk about helping the customer doesn’t seem to mean anything unless you are a medium to big fish. All us little fish are ignored, and that doesn’t feel good. Someday, some of us will be bigger, but will carry with us that bad feeling about your company. Make your first impressions good, then deliver good products and services, and you won’t have to work so hard to keep people invested. It is always much harder to change a bad impression into a good one.

    • Hi Lori,

      You’re right, we made some mistakes when it came to small businesses, but we are working to change that (you can see more info in the update I made to the post above).

      You’re also correct in pointing out how important our relationships to small businesses are.

      We’ve had the honor of watching some of our clients grow from small businesses to huge ones, and it’s one of our biggest prides. These are some of our most loyal and dedicated customers.

      I hope you’ll stay with us to see the changes that are coming.

  • Ravi

    the plans are way too expensive. we are from India and our total monthly sales are not even 100$ so there is no much sense spending 400$ for the system alone. if you consider reducing the price we are more than happy to get the premium version.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ravi — we’re actively working to update our pricing structure and take care of small businesses.

  • getpebbleinindia

    Yotpo and Zepo announced that they were integrated. We tried sleepless nights trying to make them work together, at the same time paying Yotpo their share of monthly subscription. After a lot of time, effort and support emails to Yotpo support we were finally informed that the association has been discontinued. We asked for refund of our money which was plainly refused.
    So we were left with a lot of wasted time, effort and a few dollars less in our bank account. I am sure there were more like us.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      I’m truly sorry that you had a bad experience with Yotpo — this is not how we want to treat the businesses that choose to work with us.

      Please email me at tomer@getyotpo.com so I can look into your account.

  • Tracey

    One of your reps called me this summer to upsell me… I told him straight out that support was an issue (we had all kinds of problems getting reviews to display when we changed web site platforms last spring) and I wasn’t buying anything more from your company because of it. My business went to your competitor. This is a gutsy announcement and I admire it. However, actions speak louder than words. I submitted a support ticket 48+ hours ago and still no response. Small businesses are getting beat up big time; competition is slowly killing our family biz and I need a partner I can rely on. I was already half-way out the door anyway, but I’m all the way gone now. Too little, too late.

    • Thanks for your candor, Tracey.

      Although it can be difficult to read, it’s really important for us to hear this feedback.

      I hope the post above (and the updates I just added) reflect our commitment to really putting all of our customers (with businesses of all sizes) first.

      I truly hope we can win you back.

    • Peleg Samson

      Hi Tracey,

      To add to what Tomer has written, I would like to address the support ticket that you mentioned if you can let me know of the ticket number I will make sure it is addressed, and would be happy to talk to you to hear about the issues that you had and see how we can do better.

      I appreciate your feedback and would like to hear more.

  • We believe in this product/app. In fact, since we opened our retail prince in conjunction with our online store in October 2016 I personally believe your app has been the single most positive and powerful tool available to us. We currently are building out our site, tweaking constantly like most small retailers do and I believe your software could help make the difference in us getting by and us experiencing phenomenal growth. One problem though, and you addressed it…

    There is a massive gap between the free version and what a brand new startup brick and mortar/new online retail venture can afford. The jump is a chasm, for anyone in our situation. I 100% agree with your method of marketing, visual content is why we took this leap of faith into a physical store setting. Without Instagram we never would have opened Walking Pants.

    However, there is no growth path from the free version that takes us to the top their, and that, above every single other potential option out there, stinks.

    If my experience with your software within the limited framework we have seen holds out, and I have no reason to think it would not, a successful path like I am asking for would probably turn us into clients for life. There is massive benefit for us but no ability to get there, until we have achieved the kind of success we could reach so much faster if there was a path available. I probably was redundant but it is still true.

    Thank you,
    Daryl Andrews, Owner of Walking Pants Curiosities.

    • Thanks for taking the time to write this detailed comment, Daryl.

      I’m totally thrilled to hear your kind words about Yotpo – We’re really proud that we are able to provide a tool that can help small businesses go.

      You’re right that we made some mistakes when it came to small businesses — I’ve updated the post to show some of the changes we will make regarding our pricing policies and small businesses.

  • Qué pesadilla. No me leo esto ni en broma!

  • Janice Ciardo

    I like the YOTPO reviews on the free plan, but what I do not like for customers to leave a review for the website not product they have to have a Facebook account, for that reason no one has left a review. I have even sent out emails to my customer offering a coupon or additional discounts and the respond with, I do not like that I have to go through Facebook. Why is that? Also the pricing structure for a SMB is way off the charts, that is why I have not chosen a plan, to expensive.

    • Hi Janice,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Your customers do not have to have a Facebook account to leave reviews through Yotpo — I urge you to reach out to our Support team if you’re having trouble with your reviews set up.

      I’ve updated the post to show that we will be revisiting our pricing and packages.

      Thanks again.

  • Tom

    Not to be brutal but when your competitors on Shopify are charging <$100 a month for a superior product & service, and they're upfront & transparent before we have to communicate with you to request a demo… we're not coming back.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You’re not being brutal — I appreciate your candor.

      We’re working to provide better service and be more transparent and I hope we can win you back : )

  • Dan

    I don’t see how a blog post changes anything. I wouldn’t recommend your money-grabbing enterprise to anyone.

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      The blog post reflects the fact that we know we made mistakes, and we are working to fix them. I hope you will stick around to see the changes.

  • Pricing was just too high for our business needs, so we left at the end of 2016 for a service that did just what we needed at approximately 25% of the cost. There’s just too many bells and whistles with Yotpo and no basic plan for unlimited review collecting.

    The sales person was hot on pushing us on the benefits of the Facebook ads, Instagram photo collection, etc. and ignoring the fact that we wanted to stay with Yotpo if possible by cutting out bloat which we were not using or interested in.

    He sounded surprised that we left when he gave us a follow-up call, but there was no way we could justify the costs.

    • Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a detailed comment.

      As you can see from the post, we are going to be making changes to our prices and packaging and I truly hope we will be able to win you back.

  • Guy Hoogewerf

    I’ve just seen this post and can only agree with the sentiment, YotPo did appear to have gone off a wall both with Pricing of their product and their service levels. Every time I applied for help I got 3 sales calls to boot. (Or at least it felt that way).

    I’ve recommended countless clients to the $30 plan – which was the right value for the intended use about 24 months ago… Since the massive price hikes of last year – I have not recommended a single client to YotPo – instead we have found other suppliers.

    Please bring back proper prices – that is both fair and enocuraging to customers, that would be my number one messagee yo YotPo this 2017.

    By the by, all we did was compare one service to another and found the competitor providing the exact same service for 10% of the cost. But YopTo simply did not belive us.

    Customers have to come first every time – they are always right.

    • Hi Guy,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      As you can see from the updates to the post, we are re-evaluting our pricing and packages.

      You’re right, customer always have to come first : )

  • Laurent Sancier

    Dear Yotpo! I wish you all the best for fulfilling your 2017 resolution. To be honest I have always found your support team long to answer. No later than last week (because I am about to launch a new version of my e-shop) I contacted all my partners and service providers to check my new set up (Helpscout, Recharge paiements, Sufio accounting, Yotpo, etc…). I got an answer from all companies except yours. I am still waiting to hear from your support team in order to launch my new shop! I am not complaining, I am just saying… Anyway, once more I wish you the best and sucess!

    • Peleg Samson

      Hi Laurent,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I’ve done some digging and found that the ticket you opened last week did not reach our support (as it was sent as a direct email). We only accept tickets via our support form. I see that you opened a new ticket today, and I’m ensuring it will be answered ASAP.

      • Laurent Sancier

        Hi Peleg, you are right! My apologies. And your support team just contacted me!! So I must admit that I was wrong and that your support seems faster than before!! Thank you and all the best again!

        • Peleg Samson

          Glad to hear it, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance!

          • Laurent Sancier

            Hello Peleg, actually I am still waiting to hear from Aviel Alexander since he asked me 6 days ago if I had further questions following his support. I replied I did but I still haven’t hear from him. I am not complaining as I am sure he’s busy, and probably he needs more time to get back to me. Anyway, thank you!

  • Kymm Reynolds

    Hi Tomer.
    I hope you succeed and get back to having great customer relations.
    A review company getting bad reviews can’t be good for business.
    I’m a very small emerging business (hopefully). I have no idea really who you are or what you do. I have got a couple of customer reviews and received your emails to share etc. Then the message telling me I can’t access anything else unless I upgrade.
    Not the best tactic for customer service.
    Tell me why I NEED your service and how you can help me grow to make me feel the investment is worthwhile and how I can use it to my advantage.
    Now I rarely open your emails and actually found this one in my S*P*A*M folder.
    I only know about you because your service came in with my first year subscription with my GoDaddy store which I can’t really afford either and am looking for a much cheaper option.
    I sell 2 dolls a month on average making £20 (not exactly what I figured and definitely not enough to quit my day job on) after postage, PayPal fees etc. Not really conducive with the £500p/a package I get with GoDaddy.
    I will be moving to a £20p/m or less package (now I know that’s all the budget I have) that doesn’t come with the services GoDaddy provide like this one, but then again I have no idea what all these things are either, and just like you, offer a very basic package with the eternal pressure to spend more than I can afford reasonably.
    I’m not saying these services should be free, but a nice free package for the smaller business’ to help them grow and more information on how this growth can be furthered.
    Maybe offer a free trial (maybe you already do, but I haven’t seen anything offered) with a very low beginner package that can be built up as and when the business requires more services. Like tag on items. £5 monthly trial of…? and then add on to your package for an extra £3p/m if you use/need it.
    Most of us will pay a low cost one off fee to try something, but BANG, subscription, pay for something you know nothing about and probably won’t use/don’t need is never going to appeal.
    If your service is worth the investment most will continue with it as a paying customer and you can use the drop out rates to calculate how well you are doing.
    What you’ll lose on initial revenue, you’ll certainly make up for in the value you get from using the results for your market research.
    So anyway, ramble over.
    I wish you every success, but after May I probably won’t use you, mainly because I have no idea where I’ll be then. Just not with GoDaddy.
    Good Luck.

  • Would it be too much trouble for someone to reply to our ticket and emails? We are extremely frustrated at the lack of customer service here. Our last ticket request was a week ago, regarding an issue with the product and we emailed a member of staff regarding upgrading and he just stopped replying!! This is extremely poor service. Can someone please reply to ticket no #111892, as this query is more urgent, or email sales@bagenvy.co.uk. Thank you, Claire @ Bag Envy

  • mike kenny

    We joined Yotpo at the end of January and haven’t been able to get anything out of it at all. We never got automated review invitations set up. I’ve asked for simple examples of them on more than one occasion and in all fairness to your company, the answer we’ve received is “no”. We did import reviews we received in the past while using a competitor to your platform but we don’t display them on our site. We did use the imported reviews to try your carousel widgets on both desktop and mobile and very strangely found that they didn’t help our conversion metrics at all so we removed them. So at this point we are not using Yotpo at all.

    • Patti Kappauf

      Curious if you read the feedback from current customers before you signed up? Totally not surprised by your feedback. Since you’ve put them on blast on here hopefully you’ll get some attention. We got a a half-baked solution for our problem and we were suppressed in the chain of command when we tried to escalate our dissatisfaction.Nothing like being out of pocket over $4k for NOTHING

  • Patti Kappauf

    Anyone else see the new pricing transparency? Tomer says it’s here but I sure can’t find it for small biz

  • Simon

    7 months on and pricing is still behind a “lets talk”/”live demo” button – looks like this post was just hot air.

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