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Product Grouping Lets You Multiply The Value Of Product Reviews
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You can now share reviews and photos between similar products of a different color, size, quantity or material.

The Opportunity

Your store sells two sweaters, one green and one blue. They each have different SKUs, but besides the color, they’re the same product.

A review for the green sweater could just as easily apply to the blue sweater, but since the products have different SKUs, the reviews live on separate product pages.

Color is one non-essential product variance that results in weak review distribution. Others include product size, material and quantity in a package.

In the apparel industry, individual products go out of stock all the time, but their nearly-identical counterparts remain in stock. Reviews for the out-of-stock products should be leveraged for the in-stock ones.

The Solution

Product Grouping is our newest feature that let merchants establish groups of similar products, sharing reviews and customer photos between all products in a group.

If you assign the green sweater and the blue sweater to the same group, reviews generated for the green sweater will show on the blue sweater’s page and vice versa.

Grouped ratings will increase trust throughout the Yotpo marketing channels, from Rich Snippets to Promoted Products to the Reviews Tab (here’s the full list where grouped star ratings will show). You can even display grouped customer photos on product pages.

What it Means

It means more review volume on each product page and better review distribution. With more volume and distribution, you will establish a deeper level of trust and make more sales.

It also means that you can get newfound value from both brand new and out of stock products:

When you’re introducing brand new products for the first time, grouping them with existing products helps them gain quick traction.

When out of stock products are grouped with in-stock products, all the great things your customers have to say continue to add value on your site.

Product Grouping is available on our premium plans.

For more information on our premium plans, fill out the form below:

Doug Baltman
Doug Baltman, Product Marketing @ Yotpo
When Doug's out of the office, he's riding around Tel Aviv on his bike, looking for anything out of the ordinary.
  • HRR

    I’m interested in Yotpo and productgrouping, though there aint a ‘premium’ plan as far as I can see. Did you mean Pro?

    • Doug Baltman

      Hi, yes, it’s available starting on our Pro package.

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