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Aliza Polkes
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February 10th, 2021

The 5 Best Mother’s Day Campaign Ideas to Drive Customer Engagement

Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

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For eCommerce merchants, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to generate new sales. Spending on Mother’s Day gifts in 2019 broke records, reaching about $25 billion.

The holiday also affects online shopping trends. In the week preceding Mother’s Day 2019, Akamai reported that retailer traffic on mobile devices increased by 12.7% compared to the previous year. Plus, for desktop and tablet shoppers, there were strong conversion rates at 2.5% to 3.2%.

Moreover, in a recent Yotpo survey nearly half (43.20%) of the respondents said they plan to do more shopping online if disruptions caused by COVID-19 continue. Increase engagement and conversion during these difficult times by shining a spotlight on authentic customer experiences.

To prepare for your own marketing activities, we’re sharing our top five Mother’s Day marketing campaigns from 2019 and 2020. Read on to get inspired.

1) Google Home Hub: #HeyMom!

Emotion is one of the most powerful drivers of Mother’s Day ad campaigns.

In Google’s 2019 #HeyMom campaign, we see the many ways kids of all ages turn to their moms for help, advice, and everything in between. The feeling of knowing you can count on a mother’s advice provides a nice parallel for how we turn to Google when we have a question.

Google took it a step further, though, by encouraging viewers to get involved. They shared the video ad on Twitter, asking followers, “What’s your favorite #HeyMom story?” and even responding directly to some who left comments.

2) ADT: No One Protects Like a Mother

Today’s shoppers are increasingly demanding authenticity in advertising. Rather than picture-perfect polish, consumers relate to real people who talk candidly about products and services.

In ADT’s 2019 Mother’s Day marketing campaign, the company highlighted the real stories of moms who work at the company’s Customer Care Center in Wichita.

Using the tagline “No one protects like a mother,” ADT succeeds in conveying the relatablility and humanity of their employees, leaving potential customers thinking, “Those are exactly the kind of people I’d want protecting my home.”

3) Kay Jewlers:#LoveIsUnstoppable

Love in the time of COVID-19 isn’t easy. A recent Kay Jewlers campaign — released right in time for Mother’s Day — highlights the many ways we can show we care while still remaining physically distant from each other.

The video ad is part of Kay’s larger #LoveIsUnstoppable campaign. On Instagram and Twitter, Kay uses the hashtag to ask followers to share love stories. Kay then re-shares the most inspirational stories with the rest of their community, while simultaneously offering digital gifts — like “virtual hugs” — for their audience to give to one another.

4) Tesco:#EveryMum

British grocery chain Tesco celebrates Mother’s Day with a campaign that highlights the real stories of all the different kinds of “mums” out there, including stepmoms, foster moms, biological moms, adoptive moms, aunts, and more.

By promoting inclusivity on a holiday when many families feel overlooked, and by using real people rather than actors, Tesco’s campaign stands out from the competition, successfully tugging at viewers’ heartstrings.

5) Kraft: Mother’s Day Away

For Mother’s Day 2019, Kraft, working with a budget of $50,000, pledged to reimburse the cost of a babysitter for moms who wanted to take a break on Mother’s Day.

The campaign receieved extensive media coverage not just for its larger-than-life give-away, but for its honest message. Rather than creating a product tie-in of diapers or macaroni necklaces, Kraft helped bring to light a deeper truth, while also paving the way for an ongoing conversation with their community.

Mother’s Day campaign pro tips

Mother’s Day is all about bonds. Forge closer ties with your customer base by amplifying their emotions.

  • Use hashtag campaigns to start conversations with your customers. Fans want to connect with eCommerce brands they love, and when the brand starts that conversation, it inspires lasting brand loyalty and even further customer engagement
  • By showcasing real people and real stories, you have the ability to create a much more genuine emotional connection with your customers. Collect and display user-generated videos onsite to leverage exactly this type of authentic content
  • Show your audience you understand what they’re going through. Offer timely and relevant value outside of just your products to turn casual shoppers into long-term brand loyalists

What will you come up with in 2020? Maybe we’ll feature you in our best-of next year!

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