Mother's Day Campaigns

5 Best Mother’s Day Campaign Ideas to Drive Customer Engagement
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Mother’s day is right around the corner!

For eCommerce stores, it’s a major opportunity for a spring spike in sales.

The National Retail Federation estimates that $21.4 Billion was spent on Mother’s Day gifts and experiences in 2016.

Furthermore, online shoppers spend 38% more on Mother’s Day than their offline counterparts.

This year, increase engagement and conversions by shining a spotlight on authentic customer experiences.

Here are our top 5 Mother’s Day campaigns to inspire your own marketing activities.

1) Macy’s: Sharing memories with Mom

Macy's Mother Day Campaigns

In 2015, Macy’s launched #MacysLovesMoms.

The department store invited followers to post pictures or memories with their mothers using the campaign hashtag.

For each post, Macy’s donated three dollars to a charity related to improving women’s lives. Here’s an example of one user’s post:

Macy's UGC Campaign example

The beaming customer photos inspired by this campaign were both authentic and adorable.

Macy’s went one step further by directly responding to a great deal of the posts.

Macy responds to campaign participants

Pro Tip: Take every possible opportunity to engage directly with customers. Fans want to connect with eCommerce brands they love, and when that brand responds, it inspires lasting brand loyalty and even further customer engagement.

2) Pandora: Selfies and a shopping spree

Pandora Mother's Day Campaign

If you can, offering a dazzling and fitting incentive can really set your campaign apart.

Pandora’s #JustLikeMum campaign, which similarly asked fans to submit photos with their mothers, selected one participant to receive a 500 GBP shopping spree to share with their mom.

The inspired posts spread the Pandora tag across social media, exposing all of the posters’ friends, families, and followers to the Pandora brand at the perfect time for them to be thinking about getting a Mother’s Day gift.

Pandora Mother's day promotion

Pro Tip: Pandora’s campaign was so effective because it was conducted exclusively through selfies, which blend in with users’ normal media feeds and attract the same organic attention that other cute family posts do.

3) California Pizza Kitchen: Collecting customer wishes, and making one come true

What would you wish for your mom?

California Pizza Kitchen asked fans to upload photos or videos answering this question with the tag #CPKdearmom for the chance to have that wish granted.

The result was a flurry of customer photos and videos that ultimately connected California Pizza Kitchen with the love and aspirations of its fans.

Mother's day marketing ideas

Pro Tip: The bonus about contests with a clear winner is that users check back to see who they’re up against, prompting further engagement and sharing through the campaign.

4) Hallmark: Inspiring prose and poetry

Hallmark’s #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign, challenged people to express love and gratitude for their mothers creatively, going beyond a simple “I love you” or “Thank you” to really get to the heart of what their mothers mean to them.

Hallmark produced several videos of people trying to express these sentiments about their mothers.

These videos inspired heartfelt tweets, photos, and blog posts from Hallmark brand fans:

Hallmark campaign engagement

This campaign differs from the first two because it focused on emotion itself, rather than incentives.

Providing powerful content can be enough on its own to spark a social response.

Pro Tip: Be specific and thought-provoking with your call to action. Ask fans to think outside the box and get creative. The responses you receive will be all the more powerful in return.

5) Barneys: Matching mother-daughter influencers

Barneys chose the influencer route for their Mother’s Day campaign, enlisting the help of the mother-daughter duo behind Scout the City.

The brand photographed the pair enjoying the day together in their Madison Avenue store.

Barnye's Mother's day promotion

Influencers are a powerful way to boost your campaigns, as they have a wide reach and a relatable quality that professionally taken photos do not.

Barneys chose influencers that model the aspirations of their customer base–to be fashionable urbanites who still have family values.

The campaign then inspired customer participation by asking them to join in the conversation with the #instabarneys tag.

Pro Tip: The right influencer for your brand is someone who embodies your store’s target customer. Give that influencer choice in your partnership, allowing them to gravitate to and show off the products and styles that interest them so that the resulting content is still fresh and authentic.

Mother’s Day Campaign Takeaways

Mother’s Day is all about bonds. Forge closer ties with your customer base by amplifying their emotions.

  • When customers reach out to you, reach back: Commenting on customer photos or featuring entries on your website is a great way to let customers know you’re listening and strengthen their bond with your brand.
  • Add a competitive element: Consider adding a little friendly competition to keep participants checking back and sharing their contributions for more exposure
  • If there’s an incentive, make it appropriate: Something mom-centric, something that could be enjoyed with mom, or a donation to a compassionate cause
  • Go beyond obvious messaging: Ask a thought-provoking question to inspire customer engagement and encourage user-generated content.
  • Choose the right influencer: Know your audience. Influencers should reflect your target audience and know how to speak to them.

What will you come up with? Maybe we’ll feature you in our best-of next year!

Ariane Mandell
Ariane Mandell,
Writer, reporter, and sometimes slam poet, Ariane has a background in sales and sales training. Born and raised in the US, she now lives in Tel Aviv.
  • What I love about campaigns during holidays is that it’s very heartwarming. I think Mother’s Day is one of the best occasions to bring out a promo or campaign. Almost all companies can do this and expect a good number of participation from their customers. Thanks for sharing these, Ariane. I think I love CPK’s ‘Dear Mom’ campaign. It’s always amazing to see how brands help customers make their wishes (for their loved ones) come true.

    • Ariane Mandell

      Thanks, Brooke! You’re right, holidays like this make people naturally more inclined to share their thoughts and emotions, maybe Mother’s Day most of all. I think people are much more interested in participating in promotions when it could do something nice for their mom, which is a nice thought.

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