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Moran Khoubian
Director of Global Partner Marketing
March 27th, 2017

Top Digital Agencies Share Their Ultimate Growth Tips

7 tips for growing your agency in 2017 from agencies who grew rapidly in 2016.

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The eCommerce agency landscape is experiencing both growth and constant rapid changes. 

What’s the secret sauce that helps great agencies kick start and sustain growth?

We spoke to 7 marketing agencies who saw amazing growth in 2016 to learn their top tips for other agencies.

1. Hone in on a niche.

“Many small agencies are so hungry for business, they often don’t take on the right business and it hurts their growth. Know what you’re good at, work to be the best at it, and make a name out there for that type of work – then you’ll never want for business.”

BVAccel grew 152% in revenue in 2016

2. Provide an excellent product.

“The client may be purchasing store support or a huge project integration, but that is just a fraction of the overall product. Every email they get, every phone call check-in or other communication should be considered part of the product and should be treated as importantly as the code itself.

Doing right by your customers will help growth in many ways. First, they will grow and in turn will come back time and time again for more services. Even more so, they will speak highly of your agency to other people in their networks, which is a great way to get new business!”

RedStage grew 133% in revenue in 2016

3. Be an early adopter.

“When you are a small agency just starting to grow, you should take risks and find out what you are truly passionate about and what need you can fill to provide value to merchants. As I see it right now there is a huge opportunity with UGC Marketing. Be an early adopter and give it a shot. You could be rewarded greatly.”

Only Growth grew 133% in revenue in 2016

4. Be consistent.

“The biggest tip for sustaining growth? Hire the best people you can and consistently deliver positive results.

Guidance grew double digits in 2016

5. Find your unique value.

“Focus on what it is that sets you apart from others that future clients will care about. Think of what your company has to offer that makes you unique and embrace it!”

ROI Revolution hired over 50 employees in 2016

6. People, people, people!

“Hire people that are smart, loyal, have very positive energy and can wear many hats.”

PTG saw 90% growth in client retention in 2016

7. Educate your team.

“Invest heavily in the education of the team members, overall competence is what matters in the end of the day. Some strategies that worked amazing for us:

  1. Internal hackathons and educational meet-ups
  2. Regular code review
  3. Encouragement for passing trainings and gaining certifications
  4. Attendance of international conferences and meet-ups.”

Atwix saw 30% growth in headcount in 2016

Agency Growth Roundup

So there you have it, when it comes to digital marketing growth, the top agencies in the business recommend focusing your efforts on:

  • Owning your niche
  • Your product
  • Taking risks
  • Consistency
  • Finding unique value
  • Investing in your people
  • Team education

Following these tips will help marketing agencies big and small obtain and sustain growth.

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