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Interview customers on your blog

3x more customer referrals

Consistently creating fresh content can be time-consuming. But your customers can help.

Giving your fans a voice and showcasing them on your blog not only provides a new source for content, but it’s also one of the best ways to increase long-term engagement among your customers.

Keeping your most loyal customers connected to your brand pays off, since returning customers spend nearly 3 times morethan one-time shoppers, accounting for 33.3% of overall money spent.

Plus, people that love your store are your best source for new, relevant traffic. Research from McKinsey found that in some industries, 5% of top influencers generate 15% of recommendations for a brand. Your fans-turned-bloggers could bring in 3x their numbers in referred shoppers.

So, how can you turn fans into your biggest advocates?

  1. Check your social channels for customers who share your posts frequently.
  2. Reach out to them, build relationships, and learn what makes them passionate about your brand.
  3. Give them the opportunity to create engaging, personalized posts for your blog. Fellow community members love to hear from one another.
Real Example
Free People finds inspiring brand devotees from their customer community and gives them the blog spotlight in their ‘Stylist of the Week’ interviews. These posts usually cover their lifestyle, talents, and ambitions, while showcasing their favorite Free People items.
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